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  1. I have been a big believer in Ryan, but even when he had time today he continually checked down underneath, and seems to have little ability to avoid the rush. I am concerned that while he has the brains and heart, he may not have the athletic ability to avoid the rush and make the throws. Vick, Rodgers, Brees, and the elites have the ability to make plays. I really want to see that with Ryan, but it hasn't been there. Although, I am also old enough to remember feeling the same way about Bartkowski when he had no protection. QB is not our problem folks.
  2. Wasn't it Reynolds that opened the hole for Turner's big run? Turner ran for over 100 yards today
  3. Wasn't it Reynolds that opened the hole for Turner's big run? Turner ran for over 100 yards today
  4. I would like to see the Giants beat GB, and potentially set up another NYG/Phil game in the playoffs. I think the Eagles would have trouble beating the Giants a third time particularly after the way the last game ended.
  5. I really don't like the Jets, but not sure if a Bears loss helps the Falcons.
  6. DHall is definitely among the top ten DB's in the NFL. I also think he has and can continue to help Houston develop into a solid DB. Yes, he has shown some immaturity and has been selfish at times, but the Falcons are a better team with DHall on the field. Let's keep Lewis Sanders on the bench where he belongs. :cool:
  7. I agree that both Harrington and Leftwich need to go. And I would put D.J. over Redman on the depth chart. I like the idea of drafting a QB in the second or third round, but I am not sure who the top candidates would be. Does everyone think Dixon would still be available? He seems like a good prospect. Who else, Ainge? I don't think we should spend our first round pick on Ryan or Brohm.
  8. Who should the Falcons go after? There are some pretty interesting names on the list and we should have some cap room. The article below is from Jay Glazer. Top 20 free agents: Colts' Sanders No. 1 by Jay Glazer Jay Glazer is a Senior NFL Writer for FOXSports.com on MSN and also appears regularly as a sideline reporter during telecasts of the NFL on FOX. Updated: December 21, 2007, 9:35 PM EST 15 comments RSS digg blog email print December means a portion of the nation's fans begin to ramp up readying for their team's playoff run. But the rest of the nation is left to sit and dream about ne
  9. I was beginning to feel old until I read your post and your names were the same ones I was thinking about. The only one I might add is Bartkowski. I love that you listed Claude Humphrey, he may be my all time favorite Falcon. A pioneer of the head slap. (of course it's a penalty now)
  10. Looking at this list, I don't see any names that you would "build a team" around, (i.e. franchise players) but I do think that all of these names should be part of the core Falcons team going forward. This is a talented group. My opinion, priority areas are as follow: Offensive Line Quarterback Defensive Line Power Running Back (I love Jerious, but he is not an everydown back)
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