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  1. i thought that was a joke. i just read about it. it sounds serious.
  2. This. I don't even own a gun probably never will. I think we should have the right to bear arms.
  3. all drug use will be stopped because no one will be able to afford it because of taxes! hahaha jk.. just an attempt to hijack the thread :P
  4. My gf is from ohio! How is that for irony. BTW I didnt say all.. Just most that I run into. nice sarcasm though. lol
  5. I travel all over the south for work and everyone has hospitality.. But maybe you have to have an accent.
  6. every child deals with messed up situations, some more than others. some worse than others. but at what point do you stop pointing the finger and look in the mirror.
  7. For whatever reason I like Adam Schein. He is pretty passionate about his point of view. I think the way he talks is pretty funny.
  8. If I had the spare money I would take it in a heart beat!
  9. It seems like most northerners are miserable. They complain about everything and are rude.
  10. omg. he isn't a boy, you people defending him must be democrats. Live by take responsibility for your own crap. So what, life throws curve balls to us all. It isn't fair. This guy is a man now. Time for him to man up, not get more nurturing. If he needs help now, it is his responsibility to get it. I would drop him off at a recruiter office for the military and tell him to join or be homeless. Especially if he is unwilling to plan for his future and have zero ambition. Anyhow, I used to post here all the time back then. I forgot my username but posted a lot. Back when the board was simple. You and cap and a few others are the only ones i remember.
  11. i have been working on a tower this week. taking down old heliax and putting up new ones and a few antennas. we have a lift though =D. We don't do much of that but have another tower project coming up soon. I thought those companies were starting to feed the towers with fiber now? I know some guys that own their company and all they do is splicing for backbone cable for towers. I was just curious how everyone's workload was. If things get any slower it won't be good for me! But it seems like it may be picking up some. Some prjects are coming to fruition finally!
  12. we had this in the bag. let them get back in it. this makes me sick.
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