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  1. Ease up man, it's the first game of 16. It sucks to give it away in New Orleans, but we didn't execute & got beat....guess what? We got 15 more games to win. Lighten up.
  2. Uuuuuuummm... He hit S. Jax in the hands & Tony had it in his fingertips...I realize that & I've had close to a 12-pack...
  3. I received Mike Smith & Travian Robertson. Very nice stuff, I've bought 2 every year since 2008!
  4. I'm by no means a fan of the Saints or Brees, but wishing injury to a player is just flat out bad taste.
  5. Meh, ole hemorrhoid face can smirk all he wants, looking up from third place in the NFC south.
  6. I don't know what I'm more surprised by.... the fact that a Ryan brother made a baseless, bold prediction, or simply by the fact that he was able to speak between bites of double cheeseburger....
  7. I could care less about the A'ints....to **** with em. They are awful & their fans are horrendous. Hope we pound the snot out of them & leave them in a heap on the ground in both of our meetings. Cheating scumbags.
  8. 790 in the mornings is hands down the best sports talk station in Atlanta. They discuss the Falcons in depth & have exclusive interviews with Mike Smith every Friday around 8:30. I like 680 in the afternoons with Chuck & Chernoff, but Buck & Kincade suck really BAD. I used to listen to 680 in the mornings, but I simply can't stomach Sandra Golden's snarky attitude & misinformed opinions..... makes me want to rip my radio out of the dash & throw it out the window.
  9. We're most likely in deep negotiations with the Jacksonville Jaguars to see just how many of their FA's we can bring to Atlanta.
  10. What section you sittin' in bud? Come on over to 319 & bring your earplugs!
  11. This is AWESOME..... so this Rob Parker fella retweets the following from some chick in Baltimore to try and validate his point... courtneyreed08 Courtney Reed @RobParkerESPN I went to ATL for a #Ravens game.. the dome was not even close to being filled. And the tailgating was quite disappointing. So, I politely ask Ms. Courtney Reed the following...... @courtneyreed08 Just curious, was it the sold out Thursday night game last season or the preseason game in 09? Her reply, you might ask? Well, here you go.... courtneyreed08 Courtney Reed @chipster1073 this season And my reply....... chipster10
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