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  1. It's all on the players, they need to execute the plays that are called n play mistake free football games.
  2. The first two drives were called perfectly. Our offensive line played pretty darn good LAST NIGHT, Ryan got sacked once simply because he held the ball for so long. Now the question is, is it MM fault that we can not execute plays, was it his fault when: 1. Douglas didnt catch the pass on the sideline 2. Ryan slides at 9.5 yards (so frustrating) 3. Clabo doesn't the illegal hands penalty on Ryan pass to Douglas for 15+ yards The answer is NO First two drives we executed perfectly, no mistakes, after that we had a penalty called on us EVERY single drive, except for a couple were Ryan just couldn't get it done and we went 3 n out
  3. I was sittin right behind the falcon bench and after the first defensive series when l Peria came off the field and sat on the bench , Smith came up to him and went absolutely NUTS. Abraham was trying to calm Peria down and for the rest of the game Peria kept to himself... Anyone know what that was about ?
  4. If I walk into the field with a pair of bird wings, beak, falcon mask, and a body painted red,,, will they let me in?? I plan on doing that , got myself first row tickets
  5. I hope TD realizes this opportunity, how defense would be great
  6. I know we have Hayden, but Hanson, who just got released from the Eagles, is known to be one of the best slot corners, and since Hayden has a history of injuries, he would set us right back to square one if be does get injured. I think it would be a great move, I have no idea how much he would ask for, but if possible we should go after him. I want us to hve a top 10 defense this year !
  7. As of right now I'm just looking, I been looking hard tho and I was hoping that maybe some of you ppl living ATL know where I can get one. At the end up the day im willing to just paint my body red and black and make some wings and a beak and call it a day, but a costume would be great. I need all your help for this one tho, I'll spend the $$$ obviously but i need to know where to spend it.
  8. I'll be at that game sitting first row section 115, meaning right behind the bench, and I wanna rock a Altanta falcons costume, is there anywhere in AtL where I can find one ??? I'm from Canada and I been searching all over the net for one but can't find anything . Anyone have any idea , even if it's through the net I will order it, or if anyone has one I will rent it , just help me out
  9. So basicically our only hope is Brian Williams ... Talib can't play and Samuels to expensive, what is TD doing then waiting , how about if another team signs him as an insurance policy, were fu**ed
  10. I honestly knew that that idea is over the edge, I just through it out there, that's why I said Samuels is unrealistic ... lol.
  11. Why not sign Talib for one year, and see how it plays out with his attitude, we all know be can play and we are in desperate need of CB, I think if can look passed a mans attitude this should be the time. Samuels is just unrealistic, I would love the move, but still unrealistic. Do you think they will take turner for samuels? That would definitely benefit both teams!
  12. I hate being mislead, especially when your quoting Adam, because whatever he says is usually written on stone, plz delete this thread or change the freaking title ...
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