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  1. Brooking was never a big play type. His credentials are of just playing consistently back in his day and for being a leader.
  2. If I lived in or around atl I would be there too. I hope someone can shed some light for you cause that is what the teams needs and deserves right now.
  3. Yeah I ould only thin of the texans, dolphins, and the ravens plus a few teams staying strong like the giants but other than that I honestly think we have the most.
  4. The cardinals might be decent for few years to come especially with that coach they have but I still dont see more potential than our team. Everything about this team is looking up except maybe a few spots on the D that can be looked at in the offseason. As a 10 year falcon fan I have never been more proud of our team.
  5. I know potential when I see it and I could only come up with a few more teams that are almost guarantied to do better in the upcoming years.
  6. HONESTLY. I would like to know which teams you think have a brighter future than this team and why?
  7. Yeah, it sucks to be a giants fan right now. Im sure theyre deally with the same crap.
  8. I am about a milimeter from catching the game. Stupid Florida.
  9. Valdosta, GA Been watching the birds for the last 10 years of my 21 year old life. Ever since the first J Anderson.
  10. PS- Never have I talked any s*** or even been to another team's board due to this thing I have called class.
  11. Good Ole Matt Prater. Yeah cant say I was too fond of him. I was at the JAX game when he missed to EASY field goals and give the jacs the game. But I wasnt watching football during the Jeff George era but he sounds like the worst player to wear a falcon on his sleeve just from what he did. At least Vick tried to help the team on the field.
  12. Well it is obvious that Vick was the team, but what he did was is own fault. He had been doing what he was doing before he even played in an NFL game. It would be nice for the team to have him... but whos to say that he couldnt have gotten caught before now. I dont think there would be nearly the same impact if he had gotten in trouble a year in. Maybe we are lucky to have him as long as we did?
  13. Yeah Im still awaiting the falcons' first consecutive winning seasons
  14. I actually was thinking the exact same thing. My friend gave me crap bout the decision but I think its a decent choice. As you said he got a raw deal, and Im really gunning for a new coach that actually WAS a head coach in the NFL at some time. With a pretty sorry Minn. team I think he prolly had a .500 record.
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