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  1. Brooking was never a big play type. His credentials are of just playing consistently back in his day and for being a leader.
  2. If I lived in or around atl I would be there too. I hope someone can shed some light for you cause that is what the teams needs and deserves right now.
  3. Yeah I ould only thin of the texans, dolphins, and the ravens plus a few teams staying strong like the giants but other than that I honestly think we have the most.
  4. The cardinals might be decent for few years to come especially with that coach they have but I still dont see more potential than our team. Everything about this team is looking up except maybe a few spots on the D that can be looked at in the offseason. As a 10 year falcon fan I have never been more proud of our team.
  5. I know potential when I see it and I could only come up with a few more teams that are almost guarantied to do better in the upcoming years.
  6. HONESTLY. I would like to know which teams you think have a brighter future than this team and why?
  7. Yeah, it sucks to be a giants fan right now. Im sure theyre deally with the same crap.
  8. I am about a milimeter from catching the game. Stupid Florida.
  9. Valdosta, GA Been watching the birds for the last 10 years of my 21 year old life. Ever since the first J Anderson.
  10. PS- Never have I talked any s*** or even been to another team's board due to this thing I have called class.
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