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  1. Well, no crap if nothing gets done in the next 2 to 3 days, we mind as well kiss him good-bye. But, I think we will sign him either today or tomorrow. We CANNOT let him get away.
  2. Arent we supposed to announce 4 more cuts on like June 1st or something?
  3. SO LONG PAL ........................................... ......Maybe we're both not on the same page..goodbye??
  4. What is the deal with Vick when he comes back? Is he going to be still signed with the Falcons or is he going to be a Free Agent? I've been wondering this for a while..
  5. I got a gun if u need one.Thank you. It feels great that someone has my back these days...
  6. Wrong. I heard yesterday on SportsCenter that crump is gettin tarrgeted by the Panthers. Look at my topic on "Talk About Falcons"
  7. THE FREAKIN' PANTIES ARE INTERESTED IN HIM!!! I almost broke my friggin' TV yesterday when I heard it on SportsCenter. God, if the Panties(THE FREAKIN' CAROLINA PANTHERS, OUR RIVAL) take my dear Crumpler, I will officially shoot myself.
  8. Yeah, Willie would be a great starting QB. But I say we get Peter LaFleur. Yes, he has no experience, BUT, he sure does have a great arm.
  9. finally,found someone who agree with me on why 5th is better than 3rd. Having a higher pick. doenst mean its better. This is one thing I hope we lose at. We've been losing at everything else, so this should be no problemo
  10. I think it is safe to say that there will be more than 4 more, but not today. Right...but you still didn't answer my question...:ermm:
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