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  1. I got Sunday Ticket To-Go and send the video from my laptop to my flat screen (I also have Uverse, not Direct TV). It works pretty good. Recommended, if you can go that way.
  2. I watched the game on Sunday Ticket To-Go, sending the video to a 52" flat screen from a laptop. Today's game had little freeze up problems. Previous 2 games were hard to watch with the picture pixelating and freezing. Thank goodness there weren't those problems today. My heart was literally pounding through most of the 4th quarter and OT. The most exciting game I've ever watched. Amazing win for our Falcons!!
  3. Originally from Atlanta. Now living in California.
  4. ATL TB First Downs12 3 Total Yards179 52 Passing Yards143 25 Rushing Yards36 27 Penalties (Yds)2(10) 3(26) Turnovers1 0 Punts (AVG)3(32) 5(33) Time of Pos.17:35 12:25
  5. A good post. I agree with all your points. Today's win against the Jets gave a much needed boost to my enthusiasm for the Falcons!
  6. I remember when the old logo was introduced. I really liked it--thought it looked aggressive and tough. Didn't like the new one for a while, but I've gotten used to it and now like it as well. But the original was better.-_-
  7. Unless someone breaks Brees' throwing arm I'd be careful with my money . . .
  8. Message board not responding last couple of minutes of the game.
  9. Falcon football!!! Unfortunately, I'm used to it. Forty + years of frustration.
  10. Born in Atlanta and lived there when both the Braves and the Falcons started playing there. Had a summer job with an electrical contractor and worked some on construction building Fulton County Stadium. Was an usher for several games for the Braves first season. Used to go to Ponce De Leon Park to watch the Crackers as a kid. Was at Ga Tech when the Falcons started - remember the unveiling of the Falcon name and logo. I still like the original best. I am, and always will be, an Atlanta teams fan. Especially the Falcons.
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