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  1. They're given every thing early in life at about 15.. Including the cheerleaders...:hehe::D They've been dumbed and doped down to question some of the perks and respect they been given until they've become professionals, and cannot get-away with it anymore. Women are easy early, but difficult to get rid late without paying money (divorce, hush money). Their main woman wives better understand that in these tight economic times that more women scammers, groupies, and whores will be after them. Some athletes just deal with high-end prositutes.. At every level, they do understand that people build
  2. Not to be negative, but how mean and nasty are they without full contact? Just wondering. You think they're jumping the gun on this one? you have a point. I was skeptical of this guy dahl already because how does he go from practice squad on other teams to our starter?? Kind of scares me about this line. They often don't. They seem to tools to keep the established and expensive players at their positions hustling (Forney for example). Also to keep people watching the preseason games. When the scheme is installed fully, and they face an opposing team's first team defense, it's all over. Yeah th
  3. Not Yet !! Farve does not have to get hurt, or play.. His legacy is injured.. (especially now that The Packers have blocked him, and he cannot make-ammends on the field) I won't call it "a curse", but the bad-string of incidents live on...
  4. You people don't get it. Why would Favre want to end his career with the Falcons? Here is question for you: What AFC or NFC playoff team doesn't have a Playoff QB already? Chargers = River and Volek? He's not signing within the NFC North. He does not have that many options. He's not just going to step-out there publically against The Packers wishes without signing with a team now. The Chiefs are probably the closest thing to possibly play-off calibur team who needs a QB.. In this day of parity, and noting that The Falcosn are down--with mroe veterans than some posters here care to admit. Again
  5. Brett is going somewhere.. ...and it's not within The NFC North Division (out of loyalty to The Packers) I doubt that most AFC Playoff Teams do not have a QB already.. Gruden may sign him... The Falcons should sign him just to keep Gruden from doing so..:hehe::hehe::w00t: Seriously, Farve is going somewhere..close to home... There was no guarantee for Harrington, or even Redman.. They don't have those type of contracts like Ryan or Vick. Falcons give Favre some money on the back-end, or defer after they release Vick in 2009. Ryan can sit for two seasons. You take a shot while you still have th
  6. Wiht the talent on this roster , if you think re-build mode... THe Falcons will re-main in re-build mode for 4 years (like The Hawks). Players will "play-down" to the designation of being in "rebuild mode". It's obvious the The Falcons don't want Ryan to start the season. Plus, The Falcons have the money. Defer it...
  7. Farve, Rhoddy White, Laurent Robinson? It would work..No "Dink and Dunk Ball" here.. He looks upfield, and he never had the RBs that The Falcons have. He can't pass 45 times/a game behind The Falcon O-Line, but he can sell play-action in a run-oriented offense. Chandler got The Falcons to The Super Bowl in 2 seasons, and Brett can't?
  8. If I'm The Falcons owner, and I want to make some $$,$$$,$$$, I sign Brett Favre. In this bad economy? Sure I would. Mularkey has a "simple" offense.. The Falcons have WRs, RBs, and.. The O-Line? Well.. Baker will have to "cut-it". Weiner is great at RT. I've liked Baker, so I think that he will do well there. I'm sure that the veterans like DE Abraham and ROLB Brooking would love to win now. Atlanta is close to his Mississipi home... QB Ryan can sit---like The Falcons front office really wants him too. A Favre signing destroys any talk of Vick and Ryan's fat deal/and Goodell's reaction.
  9. Practical football sense says that The Falcons should select Oher quickly, but I agree that they would trade the #1 pick. The Flaocns have been burned pubically about Ryan's signing, so they will avoid giving an OT #1 money like Miami's has done for their #1 pick, OT Jake Long. When The Falcons are burned by something, they move in the opposite direction...So far and fast that it causes drastic damage. They should select Oher. and Move Baker or Ojinnaka inside to replace Forney--if he leaves. Pac 10 pass-rushing DTs will not help them stop the run either..
  10. If the pass-protection is bad early-on, he won't start.
  11. It depends on how many primetime games of The Falcons they schedule... It's a bad time for sportstalk, and Vick is gone from The Falcons forever.. If The Falcons sink fast, it won't matter in the Fall.
  12. The Falcons have been real quiet about the response to the contract... When they do respond (and how) should be very interesting.
  13. Fire Smith now!!!:w00t::hehe: The only things that any Mora did wrong was trust his staff abit too much, and "The Seattle Interview". He wanted to be "home", and probably had a feeling about both The University of Washington and Seattle Seahawks jobs.. The local media did not know anything about his regime, and that's what made them angry.. He cloaked injury reports, and that is huge in gambling..
  14. Any event that I've been to where alcohol is sold early and often, there has been violence. In this other thread with the video of The Raiders and Chargers fans fighting.. This happened during a Braves World Series game in the upper levels. Chaos in the 6th inning. 5 on 2. Women and girls screaming...loud in my ear. .. All because the 5 would not sit-down in front of the two and their women--and all were Braves fans.. The 5 men were standing-up drunk well-before the game, and nobody thought ill of them because they seemed like "corporate guys who came directly from work downtown".
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