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  1. I felt going for 2 point conversion was actually smart, if by some stroke of luck we were able to make a comeback bid, landing 3 2-point conversions would give us a buffer if Minnesota recovered an onside kick and kicked a field goal--we'd still be in the hunt. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way.
  2. Just want to point out that this interview was probably before last year or way early in this season.( I think last year) id still give him the benefit of the doubt and say these days he will be keeping his head down and focus on getting better instead of doing interviews. Lets put some positive energy and thoughts out there and say he working hard and makes ... a tackle Sunday. Go Duke go.
  3. I know it's a bit early, but I'll throw it out there. I'm looking to buy two tickets for the Monday night game. If any season ticket out there knows they won't make it, I'd be happy to buy them. If not, what's the best way to get tickets? Ticketmaster? I saw I can get a couple for 100 bucks each but the 45 dollar service charge irks me a little bit.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm moving to China in 2 days. Since 2002 I've seen every single falcons game, but I'm not sure how I will manage to view the games from China. I'm thinking about NFL Game pass (doesn't technically serve China), but I'm curious if anyone here has had any experience watching NFL games from China and if you have any tips or advice. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I'm thinking of heading to Chicago next weekend. Anyone got any advice on finding cheapish game tickets this late before kickoff?
  6. I can dig it. Let's make it happen. Go black stallion go!
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