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  1. Great game. I don't care if the Bronco's O-line was leaky and the there was a rookie QB. This is the NFL. When you get 3.5 sacks in a game you've done something. That being said, yesterday was a great example of him flashing the talent he has. Now he just needs to show he can do it consistently. He doesn't have to have 3+ sacks a game. Just be a consistent force week in and week out. When that happens (and it's the last thing that happens for a young player), he'll be a stud.
  2. Shanahan is definitely a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the first half last year he looked like a genius and was being mentioned as a hot HC candidate. Then his offense faceplanted in the second half, he and Ryan clearly weren't on the same page, and the play calling was often baffling. It was so bad that Quinn had to come out and give him a vote of confidence after the season and confirm he wasn't going to be fired. Now, with the exception of the Bucs game, he's calling brilliant games again. I don't get it. I've never seen an OC swing to such extremes. I'm hoping what's happened is that he and Ryan are finally on the same page and the offense is taking off as a result. Unlike last year's first half, the Falcons have beat some quality opponents in their 4-1 start this year.
  3. The defense looked better last night even if they did give up a lot of yards and points. I saw more pressure on Brees than I expected with Beasley actually affecting some plays (even though he never actually got to Brees). That being said there's still a ton of room for improvement. The scheme is still way too stiff. There needs to be more creativity. I know we can't do that CB blitz every play but we need more aggressive thinking like that. Getting beat consistently by the tight end down the middle of the field was annoying. It seems the Falcons were the only ones who didn't know when that play was coming. Still, it was nice to see the defense trying to seize the initiative and not play from their heels.
  4. There's no easy fix with the pass rush. Right now I'm seeing issues both with personnel and with schemes. No amount of scheming will create a consistent pass rush when your personnel are consistently losing their battles. Conversely, great talent can be wasted when it isn't being used correctly. I'm seeing our guys consistently losing their battles with O-linemen and I'm not seeing any creativity with the scheme to get our guys better opportunities. The pass rush could continue to be a problem for a couple more years at least.
  5. I'm worried people are expecting too much from him too quickly. Odds are he's going to need a good bit of time to adjust to the league. He was drafted to fit Quinn's defense, not because he was the most NFL ready safety in the draft.
  6. I expected this to be a solid loss so I'm pleasantly surprised. Before yesterday I figured we'd have a 4 win season. Now I'm thinking we might be able to pull off 7 wins. That should be enough to get Quinn a third year.
  7. This is a big year for Beasley. Players usually experience their biggest improvement from their first to second year. Seeing raw tools with flashes of good play was enough as a rookie. That wont cut it this year. This year we need to see him turn that talent and those flashes into production. He doesn't have to rack up 15 sacks this year, getting 8 or 9 while showing he can be a consistently disruptive force in the backfield would be a great success. I was a big fan of drafting Beasley. I'm a UGA homer and love Gurley but spending a top 10 pick on a RB is a luxury we couldn't afford. Pass rush was a bigger need. That being said, he's got to play better than he did Sunday. You can look for bright spots all you want but the bottom line is that his play was unacceptable. If he doesn't step up this year then you have to start considering other options.
  8. Peyton ran the no huddle a lot in his career. Not sure any QB has ever been better calling plays at the line. The Pats use the no huddle as a weapon, not a change of pace. As you say, they'll use it when they identify a weakness and then chew up the field lightning fast. But in the end it's a legitimate weapon for them. Quinn was dismissive of the no huddle. When he said they're using as a change of pace I'm thinking he he meant they're going to use it like they did last week. Just pull it out for a drive every now and again to showcase it. All I'm saying is that I'd like to see the team consider using something our QB is so good at running as more than just a novelty.
  9. First of all, I think a lot of proponents of using the no huddle more aren't saying we should run it as much as Chip Kelly. There's a big difference between running the no huddle once a game as a change of pace and using it as a legitimate component of your offense. Next, relying more on the no huddle doesn't mean you've got a bad team. IIRC, the Broncos ran the no huddle a lot last year with Peyton and it worked out okay for them. The Patriots incorporate the no huddle a good bit too. The no huddle needs to be something we see more. We don't have to run it 60% of the time like Chip Kelley but we need to use if more than as a novelty. Ryan runs it extremely well. Use it as a weapon, not as a change of pace.
  10. Same can be said for you. The fact that your example of Shanahan going to the no huddle was when his team was behind and staring 0-4 in the face isn't a great argument against the idea that Shanahan doesn't like using the no huddle. If he was more willing to incorporate it you'd see him running it as a first option and not last resort.
  11. So, Shanahan will run the no huddle but only when he's exhausted all other options? That tells me he doesn't like running it. Coordinators fall in love with their own schemes. It's a problem that affects probably 9 out of every 10 coordinators in the NFL. Shanahan loves his scheme and thinks the no huddle takes away from it. Instead of modifying his scheme to take greater advantage of the fact that Ryan runs the no huddle as well as almost anyone, he marginalizes the no huddle in his scheme. This is just another example of a coach trying to twist his team to fit his system instead of his system to fit his team. Happens all the time all over the league.
  12. He's saying that they'll use it as a change of pace, which tells me it's not going to be a major part of the offense. It would be like a pitcher with a great curve saying he only likes throwing it a couple times a game as a change of pace. I don't like seeing a coaching staff saying they're not big fans of running the kind of offense their QB is best at. I don't buy the stuff about not having the personnel to run it more often than once or twice a game.
  13. Quinn's mouth is moving, Shanahan's words are coming out. Shanahan doesn't like the no huddle. I suspect he doesn't like handing the offense over to Ryan but it might simply be that Shanahan is just so in love with his own scheme he doesn't want to make any changes. Whatever the reason, I firmly believe Quinn is just parroting what Shanahan has told him about the no huddle. While the no huddle isn't a magic bullet, it is a very nice weapon and using it more would improve the offense. The idea that we have a coaching staff so married to their scheme that they're willing to neglect a huge tool they could be using is a problem. It's that kind of thinking that gets coaching staffs fired. Quinn has yet to learn everything it takes to be a head coach. One of the most important lessons is that no one member of your staff is more important than the organization. It's why you don't put your friends in positions of great responsibility. Quinn is incredibly loyal to Shanahan. When we hired Quinn he let it be known that he and Shanahan were a package deal. All of this has be concerned that Quinn is blinded by his loyalty to Shanahan. Quinn refuses to even admit that changes need to be made to the scheme. When your OC refuses to use a weapon you have because he doesn't like it or it's not part of his scheme, you have a problem. When your HC is so loyal to the OC that he backs him up, you have a bigger problem.
  14. The problem is that Beasley wasn't all that impressive last year, didn't show anything in the preseason, and then started off 2016 completely invisible. We've by no means reached the point of panic with Beasley but we have reached the point where we can look at him and say he needs to step up and show something. His rookie year is behind him. He's now being counted on to be the guy. It's time for him to show that he's capable of being that guy. I think a lot of the talk about Quinn and others is still tentative. You're having people saying things like "If this continues the rest of the year..." and "If Beasley can't step up...". The jury is still out on a lot of stuff right now but so far the results have not been overly impressive and there's no real indication that things will change. So it's completely reasonable to start considering what should be done if things don't change. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. As for the no huddle, I'm not saying to run the no huddle exclusively. However, if you have the right guy under center you can rely heavily on the no huddle and be very, very dangerous. Guys like Manning and Brady are masters of it. I think Ryan has what it takes to run such an offense. He's never more in command than when running the hurry up. However, right now I'd be happy if Shanahan would swallow his pride and run the no huddle more often than one series a game outside of two minute drills. It's way too easy to blame the offensive struggles on execution. The fact is this team has maybe the best receiver in the game, a good number 2 receiver, two solid RBs, and a very good QB. If you're blaming execution then you have to consider whether you're asking the players to do things that don't fit them. The main problem I have is the fact that I was hoping to see something different this year and the first game was like the second half of last season distilled down into 60 minutes. It's not time to rush to judgment but dissatisfaction is natural.
  15. Of course he doesn't care. If he did care that would be another concern. All I'm saying is that it's not too early to start having concerns about Quinn and to watch and see if those concerns are founded or not.
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