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  1. 2) Matt Ryan stats under Kyle Shanahan 2015: 4,591 yards 21 tds 16 int, 2016: 4,944 yards 38 tds 7 ints. Steve Sarkisian 2017:4,095 yards 20 tds 12 ints 2018: 4,924 yards 35 tds 7 ints so there’s hope.
  2. Currently jets are up at 11.I know we have bigger needs but it would be great thoughts
  3. But that’s your opinion I like them and so do a lot of others. I can’t wait to buy one
  4. Looking around a lot of younger fans love it maybe we’re old
  5. You should have done a poll. But I like them
  6. I like them there not that bad. But I would love the white top with black bottoms. I’m old enough to remember the last jersey change a lot of fans hated them too
  7. I can’t recall any last year. But the two years before there where a couple.
  8. I worry about Lewis and his ability to stay healthy other than that great draft
  9. So I have a question does he have the athleticism to play the position? Or can he be coached?
  10. I like Amik Robinson and Snead in the late rounds
  11. I’m a Kenneth Murray fan we have a gapping hole at linebacker.
  12. I think it will given the odd front Baylor used. But I see your point he doesn’t have great athleticism
  13. I know that every one loves Kinlaw. But I don’t think DQ goes that route our starting front is set. But we do need depth and pass rush on third downs here’s where Lynch comes in. He should be 2nd or third round.https://youtu.be/xm8iOvwFQzM
  14. I live in greenwood sc and its full of cowboys fans at least 80% the whole week all I heard trash talk after the game I was so hurt so I got on here hoping to hear some positives words but some of you guys where worse than the cowboy fans sometimes I just wanna get on here and hear positives like things are going to be ok we lost to a team comming off a bye week at there house we stop the run and we fought the whole game I know you guys have your own ways of getting over loses but dang
  15. Raiders Nnamdi Asomugha on trade block? The Lions would like to try to make some moves before the trading deadline, but GM Martin Mayhew has to be careful. There has to be a strong desire to make a big move to help the team -- Oakland Raiders Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is rumored to also be on the block -- but at what price? -- Booth Newspapers
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