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  1. 2) Matt Ryan stats under Kyle Shanahan 2015: 4,591 yards 21 tds 16 int, 2016: 4,944 yards 38 tds 7 ints. Steve Sarkisian 2017:4,095 yards 20 tds 12 ints 2018: 4,924 yards 35 tds 7 ints so there’s hope.
  2. Currently jets are up at 11.I know we have bigger needs but it would be great thoughts
  3. But that’s your opinion I like them and so do a lot of others. I can’t wait to buy one
  4. Looking around a lot of younger fans love it maybe we’re old
  5. You should have done a poll. But I like them
  6. I like them there not that bad. But I would love the white top with black bottoms. I’m old enough to remember the last jersey change a lot of fans hated them too
  7. I can’t recall any last year. But the two years before there where a couple.
  8. I worry about Lewis and his ability to stay healthy other than that great draft
  9. So I have a question does he have the athleticism to play the position? Or can he be coached?
  10. I like Amik Robinson and Snead in the late rounds
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