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  1. OMG, that is awesome. I was reading it hearing the song in the background. Someone has to send that to Budweiser so they can actually make that a commerical. Man that was awesome, Best Post of the Week!!!!
  2. What about Todd Wiener? Did he get cut?
  3. I am a STH and have parked in the I deck for the last 5 years. I like it since it only about a mile walk to the stadium and getting out is really easy. If you have a "big" vehicle, then you can't park there, but we take our Expedition and it is tight. I probably shouldn't be posting this, since everyone will park in the I deck now. You will need to get to the games a little early to make sure you have time to walk to the game, plus you don't want to park at the top of the deck. I usually get there about 11:45 to 12:00 for a 1:00 game. Plus since there are no games on a week night, traffic is not a problem. When I leave the game, I am usually out of the parking deck in about 10 minutes and on the interstate in 20 minutes.
  4. I am glad he aleinated half the fan base. I just moved up in my season tickets 6 rows and am very excited about the season.
  5. Stop wishing for Vick to come back. This pick is the best pick they had. Call him Project Ryan, well he was the best QB this year and far better than anybody on our roster. Josh Johnson, Dennis Dixon were not ready to start. Dixon is coming from ACL surgery and may not play football. He was selected by the Braves for Baseball. Josh Johnson is at least three year out from playing. Stop making up stuff "Con-Vick 75." If all you want to do is complain about the Falcons, then give up yur tickets and leave. I support the Falcons and think they had a good blue collar, work hard draft.
  6. Everyone is whining. Look at it this way, QB need is filled with the best QB of the draft, OT is filled with the 5th best OT in the draft, LB is filled with the 3rd best LB in the draft. The only remaining holes right now are CB and TE. We can get a Darn good TE in the third and with CB we have Williams, Von Hutchins, Irons for competion in camp. This draft is probably an A- right now and we have a ton of picks in the 3-7 rounds tomorrow. Stop whining if your player was not selected.
  7. I remember when we were hiring a Coach everybody was saying if my HC wasn't hired, then I would not my Season Tickets. Well, the deadline is past, did you renew your tickets? I know I sure did, heck, I am even looking to move forward if possible.
  8. Here is an idea, if he doesn't sign for the Raiders. Don't cut him, keep him on the roster and bench him for the whole year. That way, when he goes to get his contract and his money, nobody will pay him because they will not know if he has lost his skill. Yeah, it will cost CAP space and a roster spot, but it would be the ultimate slap in the face to Hall.
  9. Why don't you get off of Vick's jockstrap and realize everyone appreicated Warrick for what he has done, but it is time to let him go back to Tampa and retire there, where he belongs. They drafted him and he should retire a Buc. Go Falcons, love the Burner Turner hire.
  10. If you are a true Falcons Fan then you want the team to get the money. It would create more cap space. If you are a fan of Vick, then you are sick.
  11. Couldn't vote, because there was no wait and see option. I don't know about the hire. I am skeptical about it, but am trusting TD and MS.
  12. Shut up. If Mike Smith was black you would be screaming from the roof that it was a great hire.
  13. I don't think Van Groder left during the middle of the season. The only Coach that left during the season was Pigtrino. Van Gorder left at the end of the season to have a job to feed his family. I am skepitcal about this hire, but if Mike can train him to be a **** good DC and instill his tough nose football practice that he wants, then more power to him. It will be OK. This team is not that bad. Yes, we are rebuilding, but I bet we are pretty darn good next year. I have a feeling people will be surprised.
  14. I love this hire. I hope it goes thru tonight or tomorrow morning. I think it is crictial to get some good DC/OC. They will make or break the team. Everyone who is calling this a bad hire I.E. Marcus Wiley is wrong. Wiley is just upset he got cut from the team. He is the only one that I have heard from the media say it was a bad hire. The man is the most qualified out of the candidates that we had.
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