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  1. I gave mine up for the playoffs, section 118 row 10, but that was due to medical bills that will be rolling in from a surgery in early January. So there should be at least 2 in that section!
  2. "I'm just saying, they have jerseys that will fit you, you don't have to shop in the YOUTH department"
  3. He was crying after the concussion because that is an involuntary response to the brain injury. It wasn't an emotional response it was a physical response by the body. The severity of the concussion is what caused him to cry.
  4. That's because you were hit one too many times in the head playing sports growing up and your brain is now defunct.
  5. They have plenty, there's a reason you sign the 2nd guy first, you set the floor and value first, now Tru and his agent don't have to worry about the WHAT IF Alford was able to swing for more. There's always the franchise tag as well. The Falcons have a ton going for them now.
  6. This give the Falcons leverage with Tru, they now have Collins and Alford locked up, they can now negotiate with more confidence knowing if they lose Tru they only have to replace 1 guy. Another angle is that now Alford has signed they've set a precedent and can show Tru what they value Alford at vs. how they value him. It's a win for the Falcons, Alford is worth $21 m right now, good resign and helps with Tru which should come soon now that this is settled.
  7. Keep in mind a lot of the throws/yards being made this year and last set up the run by being short/run after the catch plays. The running game is already very good. Both of Gabriels scores yesterday were short throws with long runs for 50+ yards. Those type of short throws help set up the running plays more than the obvious passing plays. In all honesty the offense is the most well rounded it's been since 2012 if not more. The team has already progressed DURING the streak on offense. The http://sports.yahoo.com/video/taylor-gabriel-scores-twice-same-223631933.html
  8. The guy he passed for consecutive games back in October was DAN FOUTS, who last played in 1987, if this was an easy mark to surpass why hasn't it been done? When Ryan was at 40 games it was the 3rd longest streak since the 1960's... there's been some amazing QB's since the 60's. Is it easier now then it was in the 60's, yes, but its a record of consistency and durability more than anything else.
  9. No bro, this is serious, why are we paying that much for a player that never sees the field anymore. Complete waste.
  10. You take it because you need it correct? If you take it and your body doesn't need it your performance is enhanced. Its also possible it wasn't Adderall he was primarily taking that could be a masking agent for something worse. Check out this thread http://footballpros.com/showthread.php/12152-Adderall-A-Smoke-Screen
  11. It can also be an energy booster: http://www.medicaldaily.com/pulse/how-adderall-affects-brain-boosting-energy-and-focus-334392
  12. How the Falcons see the Bucs: Need to get that reversed ASAP.
  13. Theoretically, the Browns could make and win the Super Bowl or go 0-16 or 1-15 or 2-14 or 3-13 or 4-12 or 5-11 or 6-10 or 7-9 or 8-8 or....
  14. Price also has to deal with the ease of install, our furnace unit is under our house in a tight crawlspace so the removal and replacement of the unit took almost a week with 2 guys. If it's in a garage or attic there's a lot less labor time spent on both ends. I don't have a problem going down and replacing a filter every few months but I felt really bad for the guys doing the install, spending all day on your stomach in a dark cramped area was a lousy job.
  15. Just a thought.. When we bought our current home, the fact that the units were 20 years old was almost a deal breaker until the seller replaced them. It might be worth replacing them with the cheapest units possible NOW and avoid hassle later. We negotiated a 1 for 1 replacement so we've got a nice Trane AC/Furnace units now. Home inspectors will run the serial numbers on the units for the buyer, if it's a cash flow problem save now and buy before you decide to move. Between our two units the seller was out almost $10K. Smart buyers are not going to accept an old Hot Water Heater/AC Unit/ Furnace/ weird Breaker Boxes , those are deal breakers in a lot of cases.
  16. Exactly, I think folks get a misconception from college football where teams are allowed to schedule several games where they believe their talent level is far superior than the competition. Which also creates false hope in certain fanbases of just how good their college teams are. Most NFL games should come down to the last possession or the last few minutes, obviously they don't but the talent levels are mostly comparable across all 53 guys on each team.
  17. No doubt, then in the moment he should have looked for Tony he found Roddy. That is forever burned into my brain seeing it live.
  18. ...and in 2012 the Falcons rode Tony all the way to the NFC Championship game... the other side of that coin you're playing with.
  19. Exactly, hamstrings are so funky if they can make it through the next 3 games and the bye without rushing him back that's the best option. The fact he ran or jogged is a good sign.
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