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  1. Ironic, because it's Hugh Douglas... http://radiotvtalk.blog.ajc.com/2015/10/05/92-9the-games-newest-morning-show-john-fricke-hugh-douglas/
  2. I'm a loser as well, I wasn't planning on going but I figured I'd add my name to the list here. Nice they at least followed up to avoid phone calls/confusion. I wonder if Seniority was really taken into account as much as a "did they buy a PSL".
  3. Exactly, no reason to diss Smitty for what he did or didn't do. He took over a team that in the previous season was juggling Harrington/Leftwich and Redman at QB, made a few moves and had the team in the playoffs with a rookie QB. What he did for the Falcons Franchise and the city cannot be overlooked.
  4. Your odds are slim, let's put it that way, I looked into this before the game in 2012 and the odds weren't great. I believe I figured it to be about 1-250 odds at the time given the allotment and guess at the number of season ticket holders. Each team gets about 10,000 tickets which have to be allocated to the players, the organization, etc. before it gets down to the fans.
  5. If anyone can provide the file for the AJC SUPER Falcons front page off their website I'd appreciate it. I don't currently have a sub and can't seem to find it on their website to download. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  6. They ran the table, the kids table. They tried to play with the grownups and got smacked around.
  7. Seacrest grew up in Dunwoody (which has an ATL zip code) he played football at Dunwoody High School and still donates heavily in the area. He's a good one and a legit fan!
  8. Exactly, remember these guys were owned and operated by the same fine folks that owned Gawker who hid from Hulk Hogan. They're pathetic.
  9. I really hope a Falcons fan or two put down a few hundred on the team this year. 80/1, that's a nice pay out.
  10. Check this one out: http://www.ibtimes.com/super-bowl-2017-prediction-las-vegas-betting-odds-ahead-2016-nfl-season-opener-2411540 Super Bowl 2017 Prediction, Las Vegas Betting Odds Ahead Of 2016 NFL Season Opener
  11. Oh yeah well Matt Bryant is MADE of Ice A-a-ron.
  12. Or an He had to have done something or said something pretty rough for a Father not to talk to his son. Most guys can get past a lot of nonsense.
  13. Being a STH 10 years I can attest to the fact that this individual does not represent the fan base as a whole. Those I've sat next to in various sections for a decade have been great to their fellow fans and to opposing fans. I understand why Sherman was angry, he should have been, it's not about which team you pull for, rather it's about being a decent human being. The glove wasn't intended for the individual that stole it knows it, Sherman knows it and the Seahawks fan knows it. Doing the right thing is very difficult for some people, which is a shame, but it's not for the majority of Falcons fans.
  14. Something folks don't realize is that while concepts may stay the same week to week coming out of training camp (Terminology for example) the actual plays change on a weekly basis. In college we were given a new set of 50-100 plays each week, some may have been similar to a previous game but as each defense and opponents talent changes so do the plays. We MIGHT have had 10 plays in our books that stayed consistent but those were usually not that special. A player going from one team to another may be able to advise their new team on tendencies on when plays are called but he wouldn't be able to download an entire playbook to his new team in a week. As others have said game film to capture tendencies is the more likely route for a DC.
  15. He seems like he's on the right path, you can only hope a team outside of the Top 3 picks him.
  16. Watson WORKED for the Falcons, I'm sure if he wants to be there he will. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/blog/article-1/The-Road-From-Falcons-Ball-Boy-to-Clemson-QB-/37af2a03-29bb-475a-8cdd-3c1132c5c12d
  17. You're not going to get a point across with people that think like that, you're 100% right.
  18. If you're comparing the 49ers game and circumstances around that to what happened on Sunday, there's nothing anyone can say to convince you these are different teams.
  19. Had a bye in 2012 and that worked out just fine against Seattle. Quinn is 0-0 in the playoffs as a head coach and the same could be applied to most of the team. (players, coaches and staff) This isn't 2010 or 2012. Get over yourself and enjoy the ride, if it lasts one game or ends in a Championship this team has been fun to watch and highly entertaining.
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