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  1. We're used to QB's acting like Babies, we know how to put them to bed early with their binky.
  2. Free has won on every level of his football career, he's a confident kid from a rough part of Miami, he's not going to back down from the Pats just because they've won before. I have no problem with what he's said publicly, he's not putting down the Pats in any way, he's merely hyping up the fact that this ATL offense is good, he knows it and he's ready to show the world what he and the rest of the team is made of. He's a Top 5 RB in the league right now, there's no reason he has to stay quiet.
  3. I just end up pulling for the team that's down in the 4th qtr to see if they make a comeback. Always makes it somewhat watchable!
  4. That's a tired excuse, put a winning product on the field and fans will show up and spend money. For a comparison Washington D.C. is a very transient city and folks support the Capitals and Nationals, the Redskins and Wizards don't get near the amount of support because of the product on the field. Folks in DC have just as many options if not more than we do in ATL due to the free options so it's a viable comparison. When an NFL game ends up being several hundred dollars for a family to attend, they're not going to go unless the product is good. Now having said that the Falcons ticket sales/attendance is pretty good for a city that's not a major league sports town. This list is a few years old but still relatively accurate: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/miami-ranked-seventh-most-transient-city-in-america-6532631 Top 10 Most Transient Cities in the US Here's the full top 10: Providence, RI Washington, DC Virginia Beach, VA Denver, CO Boston, MA Bridgeport, CT Miami, FL Seattle, WA Portland, OR Tucson, AZ
  5. ...my dog almost bit him a few years ago when he came running out of nowhere at Piedmont Park, he cut between two hedges and made us jump. He's got a face that's pretty identifiable though, nice guy for the brief moment that I spent apologizing to him.
  6. This is the issue, they're protecting their ad sales.
  7. That's why you'd charge a ticket fee, split some off for a charity and pay for security and maintenance staff. The food services would be happy to work/open their windows as would parking lots. The Dome isn't closed, it's open to other events, just not Falcons Football. This is about the NFL and their marketing department selling to their customers that their ads will be seen by X amount of households. THAT is the red-herring, ratings come from Nielsen households, not from someone leaving 4 TV's running in their home.
  8. You can't plan for speed, you can't cheat and beat speed and you can't teach speed. As BB said, Atlanta looks a lot faster than a lot of the teams they've played this year. Speed Kills. No worries here. The Falcons will lose if they don't play to their potential, they'll win if they do.
  9. I appreciate that, my sister was friends with the Cop that was shot in Boston during the chase. Awful stuff. Back to the regular scheduled programming.
  10. That's not even how rating systems work, unless you are a Neilsen household (ever met one? I haven't) it's just a guesstimate. The NFL's argument is stupid. http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/question433.htm
  11. It's not really a Typo, there's been many instances where radio stations and other outlets cannot reference the Super Bowl for promotional purposes without paying the NFL for the rights. I've seen SuperB Owl used on restaurant signs and in radio promotions. It's dumb but it's a fact of life with the NFL. http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2014/1/29/5357684/super-bowl-2014-nfl-trademark-business
  12. Let's be honest, you have to push the envelope to win in a league that pushes game rules and regulations to such a degree that football that was played even in 2000 somewhat resembles what we have to watch today. Between the rules and free agency everyone is looking for an edge somewhere on a single play, how they're team is put together or winning games.
  13. I kept myself to two items, if they win I'll order more. I bought these two:
  14. The stubble around his mouth is hilarious, the older versions are clean shaven.
  15. Aerosmith is still a great band, they've just fallen off putting out great music since the mid-90's, everything else is a push for me, the Boston food scene is pretty freaking good the same as ATL. To boil down food to just companies started in the general local areas is doing a disservice to the great Italian in Boston and places like South City Kitchen in ATL. I see the two cities as sister cities in many ways, they both have great universities /colleges, great food, great locations, big financial hubs, hard working blue & white collar jobs and industries and they're destination cities/suburbs for folks looking for a change from where they live and work. Unlike a massive city like NYC, ATL and Boston still have a small hometown vibe about them. There's a lot of good things going for both cities, hopefully one day we can get to the Championship level that Boston has gotten to in the 2000's, they forget that they were in a drought for a very long time before they hit it rich again in the 2000's. We'll get there.
  16. I'd take 5-2 as a fan, hopefully the Falcons can be that prolific at some point.
  17. Julio or Jet Jones, both are OK in my book. He's a one name NFL Superstar : Deion, Montana, Emmitt, etc.
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