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  1. Deep, so you're ok bashing a guy carrying a picture of a woman that Takk wishes could have seen this moment and have no real depth when offered an out to your failing posts. Nice.
  2. ..and this is what in your opinion?
  3. I see Dallas as a 4:30 National Game on Fox. They get a chance to their late games as well.
  4. Became a fan of a team because of a player, can't spell his name. Hmm Deion Sanders
  5. Not really surprising, he's got to build his retirement fund back up. He was taken for a ride a few years ago. https://www.forbes.com/sites/agoodman/2015/07/27/what-really-happened-in-the-scheme-that-cost-dwight-freeney-millions/#7e13718b381d
  6. I disagree strongly with that statement, it is far easier to play offense for 90 plays than it is for a defense even with a strong rotation. On offense you have the advantage of knowing where the play is going and you don't have to exert energy on every play as opposed to the defense who has to fight off what is being thrown at them in terms of blocking but then has to chase the ball on every down. I'm saying this from experience having played offensive line in college on a team that played for a national championship. We intentionally wore defenses down by running 80-90 plays a game, their levy would eventually break. You saw the same thing happen in the Clemson/Alabama game, one team just didn't have the legs at the very end which is exactly what happened in the Super Bowl. Campbell might not have been tired but he and the other guys on defense weren't playing with the same intensity as they were in the 3rd quarter. The Pats game plan to wear the Falcons down worked perfectly.
  7. I love that combo, hoping we see a change in the new stadium.
  8. Awesome stats, speaking of Matt, I preordered this autographed picture off of NFLShop, it'll look great on my wall in my work office. Good size of 16x20 . Despite the end of the season I had a blast watching these guys play this year! I've met Matt once at his first mini-camp in 2008 and have a mini-helmet signed by him which is fine for home, I need something bigger for work.
  9. There's no doubt in my mind that the leaders of this team are not going to work harder this offseason than last. I see another Ryan trip with the guys in the Spring and the younger players outworking the Sophomore Slumps.
  10. That's not what I'm saying, merely pointing out that those two fumbles turned the momentum of both games. He was nearly flawless in both games up until those two mistakes.
  11. The Matt Ryan fumble in both games was the beginning of the end. Not saying he was at fault for either but it's just a fact.
  12. With the Home/Away schedule, I see 13-3 or 12-4 next season, only one long road trip to Seattle and the rest are either East Coast games or Central Time, pretty easy travel load. Nobody can predict injuries but I'm confident we'll be healthier next season than this season. The Falcons were plagued with key injuries and still made the Super Bowl, do I think they'll make it there next season? Maybe, the Playoffs definitely. The biggest hurdle will be the Panthers next season, they're due to rebound.
  13. If they were in the AFC South they'd be giving the Pats a run for their money yearly in the Playoffs, but they're not.
  14. They had 1 real RB and 1 real WR, in the playoffs, that's not too hard to stop.
  15. They also beat the Steelers, who have exactly one RB and one WR, Ben was gimpy all year. If you travel over to the Pats message board they seem to think that win is an accomplishment.
  16. Brain damage from playing football is real folks, some have it way worse than others.
  17. I did and I'm not a Prophet. I just read the Falcons Store website.
  18. They were INSTOCK Made to Order, that's what the verbiage said. That's why I went with NFLShop, not saying your lying but it was clear as day that these were made to order and they weren't actually physically in a warehouse. They both made that clear on Sunday night of the NFCCG.
  19. Just going to leave this here.. Matt wouldn't act like this
  20. They didn't lie, if you read the fine print on the websites the dates were clear, in particular when you were selecting shipping method. The NFLShop was about a week faster than the Falcons Online shop which is why I went with them.
  21. These were made to order, for online orders that's why there's the lead time. Every website including NFL Shop said that in their descriptions. My Falcons Super Bowl shirt is arriving today from NFL Shop. The Falcons Shop and larger distributors like ***** were sent a small inventory that could be destroyed if the Falcons/Packers lost but in reality it's a very small number of each product.
  22. Leaving it in your hotel room is careless, at least he knew where it was. If anyone thinks the safe in the hotel room is in fact safe their sadly mistaken. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3720128/Thought-valuables-secure-hotel-safe-Shocking-video-reveals-never-trust-them.html
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