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  1. Who exactly is buying pants? I can see the jersey selling well, there's far worse looks that people buy and wear to the games regularly.
  2. Look at the quotes from this story and imagine how it WON'T happen in Atlanta eventually. http://www.mercurynews.com/2016/12/16/diehard-49ers-fans-speak-out-yorks-are-the-trumps-of-football-hoodwinked-miserable/ Now this article is about the lousy product on the field but with the PSL 30 year commitment, the age of Blank and the uncertain future of any professional team, how could this not be a potential issue down the road?
  3. I know of several businesses of large and smaller size that have PSL's/Falcons tix to give out to their customers and they're having a difficult time giving away free tickets and they're going unused. Between the cost of parking and the overall apathy towards the NFL product this year they're really struggling to give away the seats. One of the companies threw in a $150 giftcard to the team store, a parking pass and even then they ate at one of the restaurants and left due to the lack of interest in staying for the actual game. I'm personally seeing a few factors coming into play: -The cost of parking has doubled in most lots and while that happened mid-season last year, paying $50 for most of those closer lots is insane. -The cost of tickets even on the secondary market are insane, I know PSL folks are trying to make back the financial mistakes they made but they're going to find a lack of overall interest when tickets are exponentially more expensive when compared to 2016. -The loss of interest in the NFL due to the political climate is a real factor and driving a larger percentage of the crowd away than folks want to admit -The new stadium while it is nice, doesn't have the same close knit feel that the Dome had. The seats regardless of the level were much closer to the field and the views were better. (The height and distance from the field of the upper deck compared to the Dome isn't even comparable) While it's great to have areas to explore, you go to a game to watch the actual game, not wander aimlessly. The one game I've been to was rather disappointing, given the sheer size of the stadium I felt like was much further away from the action and by the 3rd quarter I found myself wandering around the stadium until I finally just left after running into too many crowded choke points.
  4. Nobody is attacking the OP, just responding to the info out there. That's what a discussion board is for....right?
  5. It's becoming a waste of time because the true message is lost on everyone. I have family that has lived on this land before it was the USA and protested the British before the Revolutionary War, I'm a patriot and I support protests and the right for every human being to live free with a sense of personal safety in this country. However, both sides need to calm down and reevaluate exactly what they're doing and how they're coming across to the many instead of the few. It's gotten out of hand.
  6. I'm going to the game but I'm not participating in any fashion, I think both sides are out of control to the point of the context of these displays is completely lost. I really hope this doesn't become an unnecessary distraction or an issue for those in attendance.
  7. Here's the life lesson with RULES, you have to play the game or live life by the interpretation of the rule on that given day and accept the results or live forever playing a game of WHAT IF. Every High School, College and NFL game may have the best intentions of playing under their agreed upon set of rules but due to the fact that we have humans applying those rules you can only play the game based on their interpretation of the rules. Here's a great example, who won this game? This is video tape from 2001 so the quality stinks. Watch the clock and how the players and the Refs react. -The person running the clock had a malfunction and the clock froze at Zero, the operator was a 3rd party with zero interest in who won the game. -The on the field Ref keeping track of time agreed with the on the field clock -Both teams lined up and played the final down that shouldn't have counted and Bridgewater won the game to move on to the National Championship In this case both teams played under the conditions of how the rules were applied, Bridgewater was willing to forfeit the win but the NCAA wouldn't allow it. Bottom line is you play the game and live life under the circumstances or interpretations of the rules in the moment.
  8. The deep ball is directly impacted by the play of the Oline, when you don't have time to step into your throw or have your Right Tackle shoved right in your face it's a problem. Vic might have helped but give Stafford his due, he was getting rid of the ball incredibly fast yesterday.
  9. Seeing that Blank owns the United I disagree, the United will play more frequently in MBS. The ROH is already outside of MBS and looks nice. Conference Championships are great, but without Super Bowl win or in the case I pointed out with the Caps a Cup, they lose meaning.
  10. I'm 40 years younger than you and have no interest in the Walking Dead either, however since they reference Terminus, they're essentially referencing a historically correct name for Atlanta.
  11. Falcons are silent killers, you're not going to get much out of that type of bird outside of their bird calls.
  12. It shouldn't make anyone sick, they've set up a ROH outside the stadium with a walk around podium for each player and the Championship banners and simply not being added to the new stadium at this time. As a multi-team and multipurpose stadium the LED pillar will be used to represent the current matchup or theme. When the United are at home it's truly the United themed stadium, same for the Falcons. Also, there should only be one banner that matters, Division championships without Super Bowl wins ring hollow at times. The Caps have a lot of NOTHING to show for all of their banners. (and yes I'm a Caps fan)
  13. So in that case The Walking Dead is referencing actual history so same difference.
  14. Just a heads up though you can buy a more reasonable piece of turf or a piece the goal post if your space is limited: http://www.georgiadomesale.com/buy-it-now-memorabilia-sale/
  15. I'm 99% sure you get the full locker minus the folding chair. Julio Jones' Locker, includes Name Tag as photo'd. Does NOT include Chair. Removed from Falcons Home Locker Room at Georgia Dome after 2017 NFC Championship Game. / This item includes Georgia Dome Authentication Tag
  16. "In 1842, when a two-story brick depot was built, the locals asked that the settlement of Terminus be called Lumpkin, after Governor Wilson Lumpkin. Gov. Lumpkin asked them to name it after his young daughter instead, and Terminus became Marthasville. In 1845, the chief engineer of the Georgia Railroad, (J. Edgar Thomson) suggested that Marthasville be renamed "Atlantica-Pacifica", which was quickly shortened to "Atlanta." The residents approved, apparently undaunted by the fact that not a single train had yet visited. The town of Atlanta was incorporated in 1847." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Atlanta I love the fact they're digging into history and bringing to the forefront. Atlanta may be know for Coke and Home Depot but first and foremost it's a transportation hub to the Midwest and South East.
  17. The cheap seats are still in the Dome, they're no where to be found in MBS.
  18. It really helps to know the history of the city you live in or pull for: "The history of Atlanta dates back to 1836, when Georgia decided to build a railroad to the U.S. Midwest and a location was chosen to be the line's terminus. The stake marking the founding of "Terminus" was driven into the ground in 1837 (called the Zero Mile Post)." "During the American Civil War, Atlanta served as an important railroad and military supply hub. (See also: Atlanta in the Civil War.) In 1864, the city became the target of a major Union invasion (the setting for the 1939 film Gone with the Wind). The area now covered by Atlanta was the scene of several battles, including the Battle of Peachtree Creek, the Battle of Atlanta, and the Battle of Ezra Church. General Sherman cut the last supply line to Atlanta at the Battle of Jonesboro fought on August 31-September 1.[21] With all of his supply lines cut, Confederate General John Bell Hood was forced to abandon Atlanta. On the night of September 1, his troops marched out of the city to Lovejoy, Georgia. General Hood ordered that the 81 rail cars filled with ammunition and other military supplies be destroyed. The resulting fire and explosions were heard for miles.[22] The next day, Mayor James Calhounsurrendered the city,[23] and on September 7 Sherman ordered the civilian population to evacuate.[24][25] He then ordered Atlanta burned to the ground on November 11 in preparation for his punitive march south." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Atlanta Hence the train horn. Some compared the horn to those played at hockey games on social media and while it functionally serves the same purpose hockey tends to use ship/boat horns.
  19. They industry term is a "Lookout Block" When I was playing college Kevin Colbert used to come down from Pittsburgh to help his brother coach our team and he would lose his mind over lookout blocks. Back in the early 2000's he wasn't as big of a deal as he is now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Colbert
  20. The line was 6.5 I imagine someone (Colin) lost money by the Falcons only winning by 6. Any other reason he can throw hate at the team in Week 1 is Fake News and asinine.
  21. You couldn't be more correct, nothing in life is "free" someone somewhere is paying for it either financially or emotionally. In regards to the season tickets, it is nice to see those that were tricked into the PSL's getting a little bit more than what was sent out in previous years. Good on the Falcons for continuing to have the masses perceive they're getting a better deal than they really are.
  22. We also got married on 11/11 but back in 2006, that was also the last year I played fantasy football because I had a really hard time trying to set my team from Mexico. I was able to watch all the games just fine in the hotel restaurant, Jamaica would be the same, we stayed at Beaches last Spring and I was able to watch all of the major networks on their TVs in the room and the restaurants.
  23. Meanwhile in Georgia, there's nobody worth stealing out of our backyard.
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