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  1. 3 hours ago, mqg96 said:

    So many people on here are stuck in the past. Get over it. I've been absolutely okay with the Falcons uniforms the team has been wearing from 2003-present. I love the red uniforms with the black helmet and the current Falcons logo, and I love our white jerseys too with red numbers,  but that's just me. I like the old school Falcons jerseys in black with the old logo but it looks a bit outdated which is why those are only good for throwbacks now. I wish the Falcons would bring back the red helmet throwbacks with our old black jerseys which we haven't worn since 2012. 


    They can't change helmets anymore, NFL rules stipulate the same helmet must be used all season. 




    The rule changed in 2013. 

  2. 3 hours ago, falcons007 said:

    There are people who watch pro bowl? 

    My 5 year old loved it, he knows the teams, scores (from each team, each game, by week) and is starting to learn the players names, he enjoyed seeing them all in one place.  We typically only catch the Falcons games and maybe a few more here and there so he doesn't get exposed to a lot of the teams.  I have a feeling we'll be investing in the RedZone channel next season. 

  3. 3 hours ago, notthatcool said:

    In 2016 I was paying close to $100 a game for seats in 234.  I guess I was getting screwed if you were paying that much for prime lower level seats.   

    You were, we were in 235 for a few years before moving down to the 100's in 2013, the ticket prices were only $5-10 more than the 200's through 2016.  Granted we had years of seniority and were called to ask if we wanted to move and spoke with the CSR and locked in at a good price. 

  4. 21 minutes ago, coastiemike said:

    My family and I were STHs for 17 years.  We tailgated for every home game. We traveled to 2-3 away Games a year.  I make a very good living and can afford almost any of the PSLs in the building. I know I’m luckier than many people who can’t afford even the least expensive option for a PSL.  

    Even though I can afford them, I simply refuse to pay for the “right” to turn around and purchase seats. That’s throwing good money after bad.  I know those four seats that once had loyal, diehard fans, probably don’t mean a lot to the organization. But, they shunned the fans that lived through some awful years, such as when Harrington and Leftwich as our QBs and our HC left so he could go squeal like a pig on TV.  We stayed true and showed up every game, even after some extremely embarrassing situations.  The organization then gave a big FU to the fans that had been there for decades by expecting them to buy into PSLs.

    Any professional, paid member of this organization should be ashamed of chastising fans for not being in their seats. You kicked a large part of your loyal (and loud) fanbase out of the building.  

    This is the truth,  I was one of 2 people in my section for the last game of the season in 2007, security wouldn't let us move our seats to sit closer to the field and there were chants for JOEY after Byron Leftwich threw multiple horrible passes... the Falcons will eventually fall on hard times again like that... they're going to wish they had loyal fans in the stands. 

  5. 23 minutes ago, notthatcool said:

    And I don't get the fan being priced out argument.  There are about 100 listings on ticketexchange for $100 or less for the Saints game.  

    My seats, on the 35 yard line, behind the Falcons bench, 10 rows from the field were $100 / ticket per game in 2016... where are those $100* tickets located at? ($100 before fees)   When you see empty seats in the lower bowl and ask why you don't understand how folks can't afford those tickets consider what they cost a year ago.   A comparable ticket today is $277.77 on the TicketExchange before fees.   The average fan either can't afford or refuses to pay exorbitant prices for a few hours of entertainment (if you're lucky).   

  6. 23 minutes ago, brewman said:

    Mostly just a smoking pile of rubble except one section still standing.  Was that intentional that?


    I'm guessing they did that to keep up a safety barrier for the upcoming events/games until the site is more secure.   That's a long drop from the sidewalk to the bottom of the GA Dome pit.  

  7. So this schedule ranking is based on a snapshot as of today alone, with half of the season left a lot can change and the toughness grade can change greatly.   Saying the Falcons have a tough schedule now could become easier or harder in the matter of two weeks.  Getting wrapped up in projections like this are asinine.  It took 1 play for the Packers season to get thrown into doubt, the same could be said about ANY of the NFC teams ahead or behind the Falcons.  

    The only team I see not having a QB issue right now is the Vikings because they're winning games with a backup, all of the other teams are one bad hit from being sub .500 on the year. 

  8. #1.  NO PSL's for ATLU 

    #2. Tickets available to the general public at a very decent price

    #3. NO PSL's you can buy Season Tickets on a yearly basis


    .....remember when the Falcons used to do that?  Remember those full Domes for regular season games AND playoff games, just like the ATL United?  





    Atlanta is a great sports city when you give the entire city the ability to buy affordable tickets!  

  9. 19 hours ago, putnam6 said:

    That would be a public relations nightmare for the Falcons #1 on top of them alienating a lot of their long term fans to begin with #2 unless it's 10,000 people defaulting the Falcons just eat it,difficult for them to say they lost money because they still have a significant inventory of PSL's to sell any way. #3 they have already let people default without litigation and put them back in inventory to sell. 

    I mean it's happened before, it just depends on how much a jerk the owner or ownership group wants to be: 


    Not necessarily a PSL program but it's essentially a long term STH agreement. 


    Redskins suing fans who can't keep their season tickets  (2009)



    The Washington Redskins have sued 125 season ticket holders who asked to be released from multiyear contracts in the past five years, the Washington Post reports.

    The newspaper says it interviewed more than 20 of those season ticket holders, and most said they had lost a job or experienced some other financial hardship. Redskins lawyer David Donovan told the newspaper lawsuits are a last resort and that they involve only a small percentage of the team’s 20,000 annual premium seat contracts.


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