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  1. They can't change helmets anymore, NFL rules stipulate the same helmet must be used all season. http://www.businessinsider.com/nfl-bans-some-throwback-uniforms-photos-2013-9 The rule changed in 2013.
  2. The Who? I tune out when I see anything flower/corn shaped on my TV.
  3. My 5 year old loved it, he knows the teams, scores (from each team, each game, by week) and is starting to learn the players names, he enjoyed seeing them all in one place. We typically only catch the Falcons games and maybe a few more here and there so he doesn't get exposed to a lot of the teams. I have a feeling we'll be investing in the RedZone channel next season.
  4. At one point in the game the sight of a Panthers, Falcons and Bucs LB crew in at the same time was pretty cool to see.
  5. With the superimposed physicality players were playing with all 3 guys had good days. If the players would have been allowed to go full speed and return fumbles the NFC would have destroyed the AFC yesterday.
  6. You were, we were in 235 for a few years before moving down to the 100's in 2013, the ticket prices were only $5-10 more than the 200's through 2016. Granted we had years of seniority and were called to ask if we wanted to move and spoke with the CSR and locked in at a good price.
  7. This is the truth, I was one of 2 people in my section for the last game of the season in 2007, security wouldn't let us move our seats to sit closer to the field and there were chants for JOEY after Byron Leftwich threw multiple horrible passes... the Falcons will eventually fall on hard times again like that... they're going to wish they had loyal fans in the stands.
  8. My seats, on the 35 yard line, behind the Falcons bench, 10 rows from the field were $100 / ticket per game in 2016... where are those $100* tickets located at? ($100 before fees) When you see empty seats in the lower bowl and ask why you don't understand how folks can't afford those tickets consider what they cost a year ago. A comparable ticket today is $277.77 on the TicketExchange before fees. The average fan either can't afford or refuses to pay exorbitant prices for a few hours of entertainment (if you're lucky).
  9. Remember when the Falcons had the easiest schedule entering 2016? How did that turn out for most teams doubting that team?
  10. I'm guessing they did that to keep up a safety barrier for the upcoming events/games until the site is more secure. That's a long drop from the sidewalk to the bottom of the GA Dome pit.
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