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  1. They now know what they're working with on the field, at least in shorts/sans-pads and they have a better idea of the rehab window.
  2. I think that's going to be the new norm in the NFL, look at the players "retiring" from the 49ers, most are worried about putting their bodies at risk again after rough injuries.
  3. Yeah no reason to bash the guy, he wasn't in control of his injuries and when he was 100% he played pretty well. Not great but better than the average Falcon Olineman.
  4. Hate how injuries killed his career. Sam is a great guy and hopefully he'll have a career of some kind in the NFL even as a backup, obviously his recovery didn't go how the Falcons wanted it to. Hopefully some additional time off can help Sam make a come back. (in another city)
  5. Simple question, I'll ask it again since you made it personal and said I don't "understand the game". How many NCAA/College Football Varsity Letters do YOU have?
  6. The auto 7pts was exactly what the NCAA was looking at in the early 2000's. Why bother? Make Special Teams part of the game and make it exciting. Some of the best, most exciting plays are made on Special Teams.
  7. You're right. How many NCAA/College Varsity Football letters do you have?
  8. I have a feeling the same people complaining about this rule would have complained regardless. The options were, keep it the same (which clearly the owners didn't want), shrink the goal posts, move the line of scrimmage or eliminate it all together. They made the right choice.
  9. The NCAA was looking into eliminating the PAT all together in the early 2000's. This will be an improvement on the game. Special Teams is an important part of the game of football, it usually the deciding factor in most games it should be a challenging aspect of the game and the NFL is trying to do just that.
  10. The Catch only tied the game the PAT has always been the deciding factor. The Drive was a game won in OT by a Kicker. Both of these games were decided by the Kicker in the end and would still be considered great regardless. Says every old man to ever walk the face of the Earth... "back in my day..." I'm sure this was great too when it's all you had to watch:
  11. This is very true, for years I've talked about how much fun I've had as a STH and how great the experience was. Even the last 2 years were OK, not great but OK and it was still worth going to games. NOW after the PSL pricing was launched, when I'm asked about the Falcons I can't help but be sour and I'm honestly not really looking forward to the 2015-16 season to be completely honest. There was a period during college when I was year round Varsity athlete that I totally lost track of the NFL on a week to week basis, I could see myself going back there again. It's had that kind of impact o
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