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  1. Can't beat the Eagles and the Refs. This has been a horrible game for the refs. Clearly leaning in favor of Eagles.
  2. If this is true, we definitely need to draft him now. 😄
  3. You can always become a meteorologist. They seem to be guessing most of the time as well.
  4. I did! Now is it too much to ask for thr Falcons to win a championship this year?
  5. yeah. We need to average upper 20's in point per game on offense with our waepons.
  6. I would agree. Not as worried about Carolina but we have got to get more out of our players to make playoffs. Its going to be about coaching.
  7. Although, we should count it as a draft pick or any other teams draft shouldn't count their trades as well.
  8. Yeah. Tampa seem to do really well. I am just hoping Tom Brady age does really show. I think Hurst will be a great addition. I liked hooper but I wonder how much of his huge jump was because of Matt Ryan. We will see...
  9. We also added a starting Tight End in Hayden Hurst. I have seen too many people frustrated and when evaluating this draft they forget we got him as well. The reality is we got several starters and filled in the holes. With a good crop of Undrafted players we will be in a better position than last year.
  10. I just cant believe it will be another year saying they are cursed and the refs hate them. "It was pass interference.." said every saints fan every year.
  11. Twitter Goes Nuts Following Saints Stunning Loss to Minnesota Vikings https://www.complex.com/sports/2020/01/new-orleans-saints-lose-reactions I tried reading this article without smiling. I ended up laughing out loud multiple times. As a Falcons fan I dont want to enjoy the misery of others but there are exceptions when it comes to the Saints. If you can read this and the comments on twitter and keep from smiling...well you probably are not a Falcons fan.
  12. I am really surprised we didnt score a TD in the red zone.
  13. Evey time we run on first down up the middle. Every time. This is one of the reasons we fired koetter. The other was we would stall out and couldn't score td in red zone. We are so predictable.
  14. The Falcons always start off with a run. Most first down plays are runs. Please surprise us and do something else.
  15. Yup! You are right. They started it 2006. So..I guess we want to be like the Cardinals.
  16. Well..looks like the Arizona Cardinals want to be like the Falcons with thier slogan "Rise up" red sea!
  17. He will tell us all the saints secrets and we will get an inside man. No way Saints could beat us if we sign him. Right!?
  18. I was at the game too. I agree. It was like there was no energy from anyone on the Falcons.
  19. I am laying in bed trying reading this and trying not to wake my wife because I am laughing so hard.
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