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  1. The Falcons always start off with a run. Most first down plays are runs. Please surprise us and do something else.
  2. Yup! You are right. They started it 2006. So..I guess we want to be like the Cardinals.
  3. Well..looks like the Arizona Cardinals want to be like the Falcons with thier slogan "Rise up" red sea!
  4. He will tell us all the saints secrets and we will get an inside man. No way Saints could beat us if we sign him. Right!?
  5. I was at the game too. I agree. It was like there was no energy from anyone on the Falcons.
  6. I am laying in bed trying reading this and trying not to wake my wife because I am laughing so hard.
  7. Give me one reason we shouldn't hire Mike Smith to be our clock manager. And you cant use the Detroit game in Londan.
  8. I want to see us beat the Packers today. I love to watch the Falcons win and I want us to keep our dominance over the pack going. I want us to have momentum going into next year where we can recruit better Free Agents. I remeber watching year after year getting higher drafts picks because we were so bad and not able to attract FA's. Let's just be smart with our personnel moves and the right people in place to win it next year. Mindset is huge and I want us to close the season off strong so we have the right mindset going into next year!
  9. Not over it...never will be.
  10. Section 107 row 4!!
  11. Heading to Cleveland now and will be at the game. Don't know seats yet but my friend is a Browns fan and getting us seats.
  12. We signed him so we could trade him for Michael Bennett.
  13. Meltdown