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  1. Hey everyone! Coming in for the game on Sunday. Not the first time being at the Dome but first time that it looks like it'll be raining while there. Girlfriend and I were thinking of ponchos and/or umbrellas, but wanted to see what you all normally do when it is raining on gamedays. Does Falcons Landing still still go on? GWCC lobby open to wait in (waited in there once for a cold game)? Tailgating in The Gulch still happens? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Quick question. What's the name of the other mascot that walks around during games? It isn't Freddy. It's a giant, red, inflatable falcon. Or if someone has a picture, that'd be great. Thanks!
  3. They don't intend on getting injured. **** happens.
  4. Rodgers also seems to hang on to the ball longer. Plus, there are a lot of factors that can go into the QB getting sacked. The Green Bay line is much better at run blocking than we are, no question about that.
  5. He was trying to make something happen. Can't take the sack and make things even worse. What down were all of the interceptions thrown on, anyone know?
  6. Brady is doing it in New England as well. Rookie wide receivers but he has 2 days to make his reads and throw it. Shows how important the offensive line is.
  7. I hope we lose. I want Matt to be pissed at the offensive line. I want our running backs to be pissed at the offensive line. I want Nolan to get pissed at tackling and applying zero pressure to the QB. I want Smitty to re-evaluate how he is coaching. We should still be up 24-3.
  8. Skip to :41 to see Steven Jackson coming out. Biggest pop was for him with Roddy a close second. Side note, why are cheers for Matt always so underwhelming? Just seems weird that our QB is getting the same loudness of cheers as our o-linemen.
  9. The guy at :45 behind Matt does a double take and has an expression like, "Holy **** its Matt Ryan!"
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