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  1. Sorry I haven't heard of this team... are they in the playoffs?
  3. Can a mod combine all these crying about our draft pick thread into one?
  4. Ya'll really aint **** to be on here supposed to be falcons faithful fans.
  5. I mean I'm still not. I haven't been able to get excited about football like I used to because of that letdown. Like many are saying, I thought we'd be back within the next year or two but here we are not even making playoffs 2 years later. We may never be back. I still love the Falcons but I don't get as passionate as I used to.
  6. lmao we say this every year
  7. Christine Born 5 days before Christmas, my parents went the religious route. I was originally Christopher when the doctor thought I was a boy, then boom, a chick (I guess sonograms weren't as advanced in the 80s)
  8. Rico is too smart to let go. He can go back to nickle or CB or whatever but I'm glad he's on the team
  9. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do these posts exist
  10. This is some dumb ****
  11. Meh. At full force I believe we could still beat these teams. But yeah, we still totally pissed away our best chance at winning a SB.
  12. Until it gets out of hand lmao
  13. Please.... someone post the jim caldwell playoffs gif