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  1. Debo hasn’t been awful but tbh Oluokon is outplaying him. Im ok with both but them and Grady are the only ones on our defense worth a **** (AJ Terrell deserves time obviously, as well as Sheffield... but everyone else??? Blow it up)
  2. The best part is that I can root for us to win again without hoping that a string of wins would somehow save his job like last year
  3. I mean, they could have at least tried lol
  4. At least they lost. My only NFL related satisfaction left
  5. Lmao Aints d is soft. You know they’re running
  6. I hate the way Brees licks his fingers so much man
  7. Yeah, I'm still pissed. Completely inexcusable
  8. Quinn finally getting fired?I hope?
  9. Yeah honestly I’ve been on the fence about having him fired... I like him and I kept wanting to give him a shot but literally all he does is blow big leads and say stupid slogans I’m just over it
  10. I'm not trying to be rude but.. who cares about your opinions? We all have one. I don't feel the need to make threads about mine
  11. 34, I practiced the wonderlic for a position at work (that I didn't get). Most important thing is to move on to the next when you have no clue about a question
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