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  1. So ya'll think he's gonna take a job where the first thing they inform him is that he has no say on the hiring of his coach?
  2. I cheer on anyone in a Falcons uniform but the face of the franchise being MAGA is gross.
  3. I like Smith but I really like Fontenot. I think we got a home run.
  4. I still love uncle author. He's made mistakes but it's obvious he wants to do whatever it takes to win
  5. Debo hasn’t been awful but tbh Oluokon is outplaying him. Im ok with both but them and Grady are the only ones on our defense worth a **** (AJ Terrell deserves time obviously, as well as Sheffield... but everyone else??? Blow it up)
  6. The best part is that I can root for us to win again without hoping that a string of wins would somehow save his job like last year
  7. I mean, they could have at least tried lol
  8. At least they lost. My only NFL related satisfaction left
  9. Lmao Aints d is soft. You know they’re running
  10. I hate the way Brees licks his fingers so much man
  11. Yeah, I'm still pissed. Completely inexcusable
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