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  1. I've wondered myself how he's held his position so long...
  2. Very sorry for your loss, @Tandy. He was lucky to have you by his side.
  3. Injuries. If we're gonna lose I want it to be with our squad at full force so we know what we have
  4. I think Takk is funny. It would be a bad look if Finneran didn't make an *** of himself last year with the whole "go kneel in the locker room" thing.
  5. I hate the off season
  6. You could tell when he went out how confused the defense looked lining up without him out there
  7. This is so cute. Look at his parents reactions its the best lol
  8. I sit in 300 section and love it though I believe 200 provides best views (more expensive though). You should be able to post on here closer to game time and find out about tailgaiting - someone will likely say you can come to theirs. There are also things closer to the stadium where you can toss footballs, buy beer, they have music etc. How long are you in town?
  9. He's a scabenger hunter.
  10. Lol k. As long as the team/their fans aren't here it's cool
  11. This is very true. Brees did nothing the 2nd half and threw it up for the game losing INT. Ryan would be crucified
  13. Sorry I haven't heard of this team... are they in the playoffs?