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  1. Hola Fernando
  2. Cool I didn't know that was an option, thanks
  3. Can you limit the size of people's signatures? The embedded youtube videos for some reason are huge
  4. ****..... one of the few rival players I kinda liked. He had a lot of concussions though, so I'm happy for him
  5. I mean, the alternative is Matt leaning a new system yet AGAIN. Look at Shanahan's diff between year 1 and 2... I will keep hope alive like the fool I am
  6. Honestly, I wouldn’t be super upset at keeping him. If we finish strong and win the super bowl next year all is forgiven
  7. Idk but they're super frustrating... too little too late. Still enjoying watching them, at least.
  8. who is this cap person? And Ryan is fine.
  9. Interesting. The players clearly love DQ... but we have been drafting DQ players, have we not?
  10. I've wondered myself how he's held his position so long...
  11. Very sorry for your loss, @Tandy. He was lucky to have you by his side.
  12. Injuries. If we're gonna lose I want it to be with our squad at full force so we know what we have
  13. I think Takk is funny. It would be a bad look if Finneran didn't make an *** of himself last year with the whole "go kneel in the locker room" thing.
  14. I hate the off season