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  1. You didn’t hear? They changed this board to TAJJ
  2. Uh, against. Hope he goes 0-17 and realizes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
  3. I like to travel, hang out with my cats, play video games, browse reddit. I also like the Hawks. Off topic... though I'm a fan of the Braves I just can't get into baseball. Any tips? It's so boring lol
  4. I really thought Blank learned his lesson from Vick lmao... I love Blank but he's still getting too involved in the players. I'm interested to see what else comes out about this "bad blood" because from the outside it just looks like the Falcons repeatedly took care of Julio and met his demands so idk why he's sour
  5. Why does AS have to do that? Julio requested the trade, Dummytroff put us in cap ****… don’t know if I’d come out and expect the magic trick immediately
  6. People are saying he doesn’t know he was live… which makes sense since he’s usually low key. Regardless, I’m glad I know how he really feels so it’ll hurt less when he’s gone. No one player is greater than the team.
  7. Why is your tone so aggressive lmaooo
  8. So ya'll think he's gonna take a job where the first thing they inform him is that he has no say on the hiring of his coach?
  9. I cheer on anyone in a Falcons uniform but the face of the franchise being MAGA is gross.
  10. I like Smith but I really like Fontenot. I think we got a home run.
  11. I still love uncle author. He's made mistakes but it's obvious he wants to do whatever it takes to win
  12. Debo hasn’t been awful but tbh Oluokon is outplaying him. Im ok with both but them and Grady are the only ones on our defense worth a **** (AJ Terrell deserves time obviously, as well as Sheffield... but everyone else??? Blow it up)
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