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  1. I am happy with it. Jake Long would be my number 1, but Matt Ryan will be great.
  2. I think he is a natural leader with guts, something Joey does not have.
  3. Things are looking terrific fellow Falcons fans! There is a good chance that we take Matt Ryan with the 3rd pick. The future is bright for this franchise. What is the most important position on the football field? QB Who is the best QB in the draft? Matt Ryan What position do we need more than any other? QB Sounds like a natural fit to me.
  4. So my post is dumb because you don't agree with me? First you must read carefully which you obviously did not do. I never said he wasn't great. I said he is not an immortal like ESPN wants you to believe. Favre is probably the 8th, 9th, or 10th best QB of all time. Not the greatest football player in the history of the NFL like ESPN wants you to believe. How did Favre play against the Falcons in the playoffs in 2003? Terrible How did Favre play against the Rams in 2002? Couldn't be worse. 6 INTs How did Favre play against the Vikings in 2005? Awful How did Favre play against the Giants this y
  5. If we still had Brett he would've been out of football by 1994. How does this effect Vick?
  6. First of all, I'd like to say that he is VASTLY overrated. He is a great player, but not an immortal like ESPN and the rest of the media wants you to believe. Yeah yeah, 3 MVP's. But unlike basketball and baseball, MVP's in football mean nothing. He has the most yards and most touchdowns. Those are goods stats, except he also has the most interceptions which, in my mind, negates the other two. His most impressive stats are his consecutive games started and his SB victory. Favre could have been an immortal if he got another ring or 2 but his HORRIBLE play in the post season has prevented him f
  7. He retired because GB didn't sign Moss. He wants to compete for a SB. Maybe if he didn't play like a clown in most of his playoff games he would've won more than one.
  8. Stats don't really mean too much. It depends on how you look at them. I see 11 wins on a mediocre team. BC hasn't had 10 wins since 1984.
  9. There it is! Indisputable evidence that Matt Ryan will not be a sucessful QB in the NFL :hehe:
  10. Why do you hate Matt Ryan so much? You cannot objectively look at this draft and say Ryan is the 5th best QB. I'll buy 2nd best, but not 5th.
  11. You have the worst sports talk in America because Atlanta is one of the worst sports towns in America.
  12. I agree it's not a home run also, but I think it is something to be happy about. We had a need at RB and we filled it. That's one less hole to worry about.
  13. oh, I thought I was on the Saints board
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