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  1. Seriously please don’t shoot! Mark Ingram though! I’m just wondering what type of market will be there for him and if that could possibly be a cheaper option (1-2 year deal) than signing Teço
  2. I wouldn't make a move on Bruce Irvin! Dude yaps too much and if Vic Beasley has a good year I don't think a Bruce Irvin type player is needed. I would wait and see what happens with Boddy Wagner!
  3. He would of begged TD & Blank to sign Revis and that would have been our only FA signing!
  4. Not getting my hopes up! Bennett signed a 4yr 28mill contract and he wants more money! I mean if the Falcons could trade Tyson Jackon and a mid rd pick.. But it would still depend on how much the 30yr old Bennett is wanting!
  5. Yesterday it was reported that Spoon would be signing soon! Today he's a goner! "I don't believe sh@t until sh@t happens". Either way it's all good as long as he's not going to N.O.