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  1. If this gets done I can see the Falcons giving Matty Ice his last shot at a SB ring! Finally start trading back in the draft and stockpiling picks! Look for Najee to be the main target in the draft, and going all defense after that!
  2. If they hire Arthur Smith I see this team retooling and working with Matt Ryan for the next few years! Grab a RB, and go heavy on D! Eric Bieniemy trade back, stock up on picks, Trey Lance to sit and groom!
  3. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2925120-urban-meyer-reportedly-expects-to-replace-doug-marrone-as-jaguars-head-coach People can kiss that Justin Fields dream good bye!
  4. Feels like McCay wants someone to come in and fix whatever it is that broken with this team! Give Matt Ryan that last shot at redemption! I say blow it all up! I want Beinemy! Draft another QB, and put Matt Ryan on notice! Rebuild this broken team from the ground up!!!
  5. Even if Matt Ryan is keep on board, it's time to start thinking about the future. This organization shouldn't wait until Matt Ryan turns into Eli Manning!
  6. On board with Eric Bienemy for HC if we can get him! Matt Ryan and Julio will be very difficult to trade/release due to the cap hit! I would trade back if we get a top pick and try and get Trey Lance QB. Let him sit a yr like Mahomes did and learn a few things behind Matt for a season! After that Matt’s cap hit won’t be to big of a deal if he’s released!
  7. TD doesn't really trade back, but TD has selected a few players that the fans thought were a bit of a reach! With that being said I like the Murray pick, and would not be surprised if TD flat out took him with the 16th pick! Would rather trade back, but would not be surprised!
  8. I say trade up and get Derrick Brown! They could sign me to play CB and I’ll have 6 picks if Brown, Jarrett, Fowler Jr, & Takk are rushing the QB!!!
  9. I'm good with this move! Can't be for much $$$... Had a down year, but was better than Freeman. Don't have to invest a early RD pick on RB. Sounds like a win to me!
  10. Seriously please don’t shoot! Mark Ingram though! I’m just wondering what type of market will be there for him and if that could possibly be a cheaper option (1-2 year deal) than signing Teço
  11. Straight waste of talent! I was wondering if we would give him another shot if he could get his stuff together! No chance of that now! He’s done!
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