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  1. Because we can’t run the ball when the other team knows we are going to run it. That’s been obvious.
  2. Why do players constantly slow down when trying to run off as they get close to the sideline?
  3. That missed INT was on Deon Jones. What the heck was he doing undercutting Oliver?
  4. Everyone on the planet knew we were going to run the ball up the middle there. So predictable.
  5. The schedule I’m looking at has the Vikings at Atlanta in the middle of the three game trip. They finish it in Carolina in two weeks.
  6. What sucks to me is that in about 3 hours either Connor Cook or Brock Osweiler will have as many playoff wins as Matt Ryan. I hate that. I sure hope we run the table get these critics off Ryan's back.
  7. I know good teams seem to get the breaks but for Seattle to play horrible then get the bad snap into a big play, the fumble, and then Walsh missing what should have been a gimme just stinks. I hate that I have to root for them against the Panthers.
  8. Well they could decline the option hoping the contract year next year will motivate better play. Since the Seahawks declined the option, if he and his contract are traded to any team is the option still declined or could the new team pick it up?
  9. Did you read the article? The only thing that happened was the FCC removed their blackout. The NFL can still keep its blackout rules intact if it chooses. The current contract doesn't end until 2022 so nothing will change until then.
  10. I know the last Seattle DC hasn't had much success as an HC. Granted he has only had two seasons in JAX but I haven't seen any improvement. Picking a HC just because the group they are currently coordinating look great doesn't always work out.
  11. I know they are saying the Saints are eliminated and I couldn't be happier but say we tie the Panthers next week and the Aints win. What breaks a tie between 7-9 and 6-8-2? Is it essentially the same record and you go to divison record? How is a tie calculated in win pct. ?
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