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  1. Always hated black pants. Bring back the grey ones.
  2. Alot of oddities through Week 3. I expect more to come, with 2 dark horses in Superbowl LV.
  3. Sounds simple enough. Maybe the front office will Wise Up 😭
  4. Will be a good litmus test. Still don't believe in Smith, since he got bailed out bigtime today.
  5. Same here. Reminds me of the GSU-Auburn game yesterday where the WR trips over his own feet in the open field short of a 1st down with 3 minutes left and cost the Panthers the drive and the game. I knew when both plays happened that they'd be crucial mistakes leading to losses.
  6. I thought WAS had a great defense last year, but they look like garbage now. If we lose next week, we won't win 4 games this year.
  7. Got bailed out on that dropped INT, but I'll take the road win.
  8. I feel like I've heard this before, except it was the defense...
  9. Agreed. Nothing I saw from Smith inspired confidence. Even if most of what Bienemy brought ended up being Reid, at least Bienemy was coming from a Superbowl-winning team. Tennessee just had a great RB in a weak division.
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