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  1. Oops, look who got FIRED!

  2. Still amazed they traded back into the first round for a guy with T-Rex arms.
  3. "Just picture it, Thurston: there I was sipping a pumpkin peach honey wheat while getting a massage, right when the Faaahlcons scored a homerun from 3-point range! Oh wait...Jeeves, what's a score called in this game again?"
  4. Not trying to be greedy, but dare I say...two cold beers?
  5. Right out of the gate, they're covering their bases against any PSL holders that want to sue for not making money on this "investment."
  6. In my defense, I typically don't post much in the football threads during the offseason anyway, especially not when they're all about Gurlie to Atlantie. PSL's are a dumb concept, and I, like you, am tired of the misinformation about them being spread by obvious ticket sales agents on the boards. There will be plenty of football to talk this fall, especially seeing the first 5 games on the schedule. Also, I didn't make 7,000+ posts about PSLs, although the next 7,000 may be
  7. The cost of the PSL, whether you eventually sell it or not, is a bad investment, unless you consider flushing money down the toilet to see the Falcons lose to be an investment. Or you work in the PSL sales office. Buying before they possibly raise the price doesn't justify anything: at best it means you have the opportunity waste a little less money now than later. In either case, the money is better used elsewhere, at least for people that value their money and don't fall for thinly-veiled rah-rah upgrade-to-VIP marketing BS on a message board.
  8. This is what the PSL salesmen don't want people to know about. And if fans of teams that have won multiple titles can't make a return on PSL's, then just imagine how much "investors" will lose on buying them here. The wine-and-cheese crowd will enjoy it though, at least until they get bored and waste their millions on the next shiny attraction, while the blue-collar fans continue to be priced out.
  9. The Bucs fan is making more sense than most of the Falcons fans here. He's alright with me.
  10. This, from the guy that thought only the first few rows of the 50-yard line section had club prices
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