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  1. Let's just call him The Bust.
  2. The takeaway is that the team wanted another exciting offensive player instead of a boring old lineman that we really needed. All sizzle and no steak.
  3. Feel free to come make me, random guy on the internet. See how that works?
  4. Posters mention that we've drafting BPA just like New England anf other Superbowl winners, but it's a gigantic leap of logic to suggest that we'll have the same, if any, success by drafting BPA while ignoring our real needs.
  5. Fusco is garbage. If we continue to ignore the lines, we'll get more of the same disappointing results.
  6. Oh, so we won a Superbowl? Glad to hear!
  7. Still ignoring the lines. Seems legit.
  8. In this league, with all the rules making it illegal to play defense, 20 won't be enough for long.
  9. Yeah, killing drives with dropped passes.
  10. Speed is great, except when you're getting tossed around or can't get ballcarriers on the ground.
  11. And what this team needs is BEEF.
  12. And they won the SB the next year too. Fun fact: the Cowgirls, who beat the Phins in SB6, had lost SB5. So two teams, back to back, won a SB after losing one.
  13. Hold onto your hats!
  14. Glad someone's paying attention. Falcons made the same mistake they made in 2011: drafting an exciting WR at the expense of the pass rush.