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  1. Don't know why we didn't try to at least trade Ryan this offseason. It was clear our team wouldn't be competitive from the jump. Ryan's value has nosedived since this season began. It's clear as day his career is basically over
  2. Lol Arthur Smith's offense is horrendous. To be fair Matt is playing like a rookie as well...
  3. Agreed, thought we'd show at least something more promising thus far but it's far worse than I thought
  4. As much as I hate to say it, we have to unload Ryan this offseason. No reason to keep his contract on a roster that is clearly rebuilding. We have no chance to be even close to being competitive this season. This is a 3 year rebuild
  5. Hope Arthur Smith is taking notes. That's how you scheme against pressure
  6. Like I keep saying, I hope Arthur Smith works out but I've never been impressed with the hire
  7. Don't be surprised if we pick in the top 5 again this year, this roster is scary bad
  8. for how much money we have invested on the offensive side of the ball, Arthur Smith has some explaining to do
  9. It's just my opinion, but that really says it all. There just weren't any great candidates this offseason IMO
  10. Was never a fan of the Arthur Smith hire...hope it works out but I don't see anything promising on paper or on the field
  11. where's this pressure Dean Pees is the master of creating?
  12. Checkdowns aren't going to win this game. 3rd and 20 so our hands are tied, but the passing game has been putrid thus far.
  13. Don't know how we manage it, but we just make scoring in the redzone so hard on ourselves year in and year out
  14. Dean Pees isn't a messiah Our defense is trash on paper and it shows on the field.
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