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  1. We can move the ball on offense, but we have struggled in the redzone. That's an area that if we can improve, we can be dangerous.
  2. Catching a ball isn't about confidence. It's about concentration. Stupid penalties aren't due to confidence. I disagree with you there. We might have better numbers offensively, but like I said earlier, the OC isn't the one catching balls, underthrowing, committing stupid penalties, etc. For what it's worth, Sark has been getting better every week.
  3. Probably the same. Our problems aren’t due to our OC. It’s execution. Dropping easy passes, insane turnovers, stupid penalties, overthrows, under throws, etc. An OC can’t solve those issues.
  4. I would say its more just us not executing very well
  5. Sark has improved a lot as the season has progressed. Still some head scratchers, but most of this seasons offensive woes have been due to lack of execution by the players, drops, and stupid penalties. Sark can't fix those issues. It's on the players to get it figured out.
  6. Deion Jones owns that azz
  7. Bro wut
  8. Not getting the RBs involved in the passing game has been a big problem. Not getting Taylor Gabriel involved has hurt us as well. He can be a game changer. Haven't used him correctly. Matt Ryan has been a problem all year. Overthrowing, underthrowing, etc. He followed up one of the poorest performances in his career against the Vikings with another horrible game. He's just been off all year. Playaction hasn't been working for us very well this year when we've tried it.
  9. Payton was probably choking on all that Vicodin he takes
  10. Dan Quinn just can’t manage a game
  11. Pass rush has been so bad today
  12. No playoffs this year folks.
  13. Where is the Matt Ryan is elite crowd?? Ryan has played like trash all year. MVP season was a fluke