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  1. Really have to wonder who was behind the DK hire. A lot of what is being said about him right now was true when he was finally fired from here years ago. For the life of me I hope it wasn't AB. Sounds like a DQ/TD move, but you just never know.
  2. Personally knew it was game over as soon as Gurley decided to run backwards in the redzone on third down.
  3. Add this to Quinn's already long list of coaching blunders. My money is on Quinn, TD, and DK getting axed next season.
  4. For some reason Koetter loves splitting him out wide. Can't understand that tactic for the life of me.
  5. Thank god. Quinn canned Sark who was much better than Koetter. I can only hope he has the balls to do the same to Koetter
  6. Koetter is terrible, can't believe Quinn committed to this fool.
  7. Another downright embarrassing display from Dan Quinn and Co. Shocker.
  8. we're letting Perriman, a down right bust thus far in his career, torch us. LMAO
  9. Look how easy it is for the Buccs to pick up yards. Meanwhile our receivers have defenders draped all over them.
  10. McGary hasn't impressed me at all this season. Still a rookie so there's hope, but man he has looked bad more often than not this season
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