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  1. Does anyone know Mularkey's track record as it pertains to TE's he has helped developed?
  2. Rhythm, keeping the defense guessing, striking at the right time (among other things). In 2016, Shanahan did an extraordinary job as a playcaller. Ryan knew the system in and out in 2017, but the offense was just not operating effectively. I understand the metrics say otherwise, but things like rhythm, striking at the right time, calling a play at one point in the game to set up another at a later time, etc cannot be measured directly empirically. At the end of the day, it's going to be Koetter calling the plays. Not Knapp, not Ryan. That's why getting this right is so important. I don't think Koetter can pick up this playbook and master it in 1 offseason. Even with his own playbook he was often times predictable, albeit some of that was due to porous OL play and next to no production from the RB position. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Interesting. I don't know how to feel about that. Koetter is a 4-verts kind of guy. Not exactly familiar with Sarkisian's offensive system in college, but we all saw how it played out his first year picking up Shanahan's playbook. I'd imagine it would take Koetter more than 1 offseason to learn the intricacies of the system.
  4. Is Koetter installing his own playbook, or is he picking up the Shanny's playbook similar to how Sarkisian did?
  5. As it should, just like when everyone questioned the Sarkisian hire. Look how that played out. Quinn looks stupid as **** 2 years later. Many here can safely say they saw that coming from miles away
  6. Quinn is on the hot seat right now. He absolutely bungled the OC hire in Sarkisian. He needs to knock this one out of the park or he’s gone after next season as well
  7. This game is a microcosm of why I can't get behind Marquand Manual as an NFL DC. Refuses to blitz a rookie QB, and instead chooses to call the soft zone bs
  8. Ridley has been a ghost
  9. Ridley has been struggling for some time now
  10. Ryan is playing terrible today
  11. Steve Sarkisian is gone after this season.
  12. While I don’t disagree with the sentiment that Hooper has improved this year, he isn’t truly a difference maker at TE like many here believe he is. Just another guy.
  13. It’s not just this one play.
  14. Another super overrated Falcon, Austin Hooper
  15. Also Matt Ryan’s lack of arm talent is really starting to show. He doesn’t have much longer in this league.