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  1. Man, if he’s not hired as Pats HC after Belichick leaves, he is screwed. He just burnt a lot of bridges.
  2. Hands down Doug Pedersen is a better coach than Dan Quinn. That’s not an insult to Quinn so much as it is a heaping of praise onto Pederson. Quinn has a great eye for talent, but his game management is nowhere near the level that Pederson’s is.
  3. Falcons deserve it, they brought this on themselves. I mean seriously how do you give up a 25 point lead? Still ticks me off to this day. This is why some are so jaded by being Falcons fans. If the Falcons can't win the SB with a 25 point lead, what will it take? At some point you just throw your hands in the air because there's no telling.
  4. Doesn't even come close to the grief Raiders fans felt after the inception of the tuck rule. Patriots fans are spoiled af and can go kick rocks.
  5. Yep. Doesn't help that the Falcons have had a history of choking/ letting us down either.
  6. As awesome as that was, it still doesn't top the 28-3 debacle.
  7. Falcons choked a 25 point lead with a quarter and some change left. Nothing tops that. Horrible...
  8. It will always sting. You can never trust the Falcons...
  9. Don't care for any of our receivers past Sanu. They're all replaceable and honestly mediocre AF. WR needs to be upgraded. Also, Nick Williams sucks.
  10. Trufant's is the only contract that stings a bit. But only because he was a shade above average this year. Hoping that he returns to form next season.
  11. I don't put much stock into PFF, but that's impressive. I thought Deion Jones had a slightly rough start to the season, but he really turned it on as the season progressed. He really is an amazing talent, and I'm glad he's a Falcon.
  12. I thought he played very well this season. That being said we need to shore up at DT still. Was a relatively thin group we ran with this season. Losing Hageman and Crawford obviously hurt.
  13. I’ve been saying it all season, our defense was our life line
  14. I love it. Takk is the man