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  1. Matt knows that was a game we had to have
  2. That’s the same mentality that helped us choke away the Super Bowl. Unbelievable. So much of that falls on poor coaching as well.
  3. The Saints will win the SB in our house. Book it.
  4. Our season was over as soon as Chubb scored on that 92 yard run.
  5. Quinn is a good talent evaluator, but he's an average coach. His situational awareness, or lack thereof, is appalling to me.
  6. Dan Quinn outcoached once again. Embarrassing.
  7. If we scored on the previous drive we'd be right in this game
  8. Yep, Quinn's seat should be heating up
  9. Dan Quinn is a terrible HC. Great talent evaluator, but he's consistently outclassed as a head coach
  11. Quinn is STUPID for not challenging that
  12. Just checkdown after checkdown today.
  13. Really wish Matt was clutch. Great with a lead, but will never get you back in a game.