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  1. See Kayoh’s post above. Sums up my thoughts pretty concisely
  2. In position or out of position, Beasley is overrated.
  3. How tf did Freeman make this list over Beasley.
  4. Hooper isn't very athletic, so he'll have to learn to use his size better and catch with his hands while "boxing out" defenders from time to time.
  5. 1. 3rd edge rusher: I think this is a HUGE hole. 2. FB 3. LB depth
  6. relax dude, he has already apologized.
  7. Dang, was hoping for Griffin, Obo or Settle there. Oh well!
  8. We've addressed RG by bringing in Fusco. He's not a world beater, but he doesn't need to be.
  9. + Tevin Coleman, Devonta Freeman and Hooper who should continue improving this year. Man. Unfair.
  10. Ridley was a great pick y'all. Insurance in case Julio goes down, and makes this offense downright nasty. Now its on Sark to get the ball rolling.
  11. There is not a single first round DT I like, let alone like enough for us to trade up for...
  12. This tweet is from a fake Adam Schefter account, btw
  13. Don't agree with this assessment at all. Sark was very underwhelming to be sure, but players had a huge role in our mediocrity last year. Schweitzer was getting blown off the line seemingly every other snap, Julio Jones dropped passes left and right (as well as our other receivers), Hooper was a turnover waiting to happen, Matt Ryan couldn't throw a deep ball to save his life, Derrick Coleman "blocking", etc. Our own players shot us in the foot plenty this past season. Stupid roughing the passer penalties, offsides, false starts, etc at inopportune times leading to stalled drives for our offense, and new life for opposing offenses.
  14. Best one by far was Dunta Robbinus