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  1. That's worse than Keith Brooking 3rd and 16
  2. Pass rush needs to get home
  3. All of our throws are contested, meanwhile Eagles WRs are running free left and right...
  4. We let the Patriots come back from 28-3, the Falcons are notorious for this kind of stuff
  5. If we lose here, this loss rests squarely on Ryan's shoulders
  6. You have to finish your sacks. This is the 3rd time I've said this.
  7. It's unlikely. But if he does, that's bad news.
  8. Falcons aren't going to win a Lombari if Matt keeps up this mediocre play
  9. Is this the beginning of the end for Ryan?
  10. Ryan is scaring me right now
  11. I'm not sure what Jake Matthews is going out there.
  12. Is that supposed to be some sort of excuse for Ryan's sloppy play?