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  1. Please take back the Falcons from Blank
  2. You do know that the Board at Home Depot asked Arthur to step aside!
  3. This by far is the funniest I've read all year! LOL
  4. did you ever hear Vick speak in public sound like he took ebonics 101 at VT .. Least Matt Ryan can joke around with the media and doesnt slur his speach But at least with Vick we won games. Your Great White Hope Will Get Booed From Day One! And when he throws his first interception, no make that interceptions, and get sacked behind our dreadful line, then I'm sure he can properly explain.
  5. Hello! Dimitrioff said early in the week that he would entertain offers and was open to taking either Dorsey or Ryan. However, if the Falcons aren't open to selecting anyone other than Ryan , then he should've kept his mouth close. I'm starting to wonder if Dimitrioff isn't above his head as GM
  6. Joey Harrington to mentor Matt Ryan on how to properly speak in public and place his napkin and folks at the dinner table. LMAO:D Blank is a Joke of A owner!
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