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  1. BodybyVI 90-Day Challenge is the #1 weight loss or fitness platform in North America! You HAVE GOT to hear about it! Send me mail so I don't miss you should you want more info ;-)

  2. ViSalus, He jumped on the #1 supplemental shake platform in north america! Purple, yes if you add the fruit or vegies that will make it purple ;-) BodybyVI 90-Day Challenge. He was all over my FB newsfeed a month ago! I have just found it myself, my goal is to gain 5lbs of lean muscle. Lost 4 inches from my waist already! 6pack is in sight!!!! You HAVE GOT to hear about it!
  3. When I was a kid (70's) I remember seeing tracks running down Boulevard around Grant Park.
  4. If opposing team's fans are chanting while our "O" has the ball and you drown their chants out, I would be thinking that you are helping them with their chants!!! "Don't FEED the Trolls!" they say, lol. And if we don't "nic-pick", then the the uneducated become worse in their stupidity!! It is call "constructive criticism"!
  5. "I want you" to what? Put the "Rise Up" back on it so we get the message across.
  6. OooWee!! 125 is my new mark!!! Ear plugs anyone? Click Click BOOM!!!!!
  7. LOL, you got that right!!! Seriously though, 115 dBa seems to be the record in the ATL back when we whipped the Rams in the playoffs.
  8. For the love of....... can we just get our titles like we typed 'em? dB. This thing must be tied to the "smart phone" lol.
  9. Weather or not it happens tomorrow, the Challenge is still made. So Rise Up Atlanta and support the "D" with what they ask for on the Home Page: NOISE!!!!!!!! mods, you can move it if you so wish, just remember that not many visit DFA except to sell their tickets (ironic huh?) anyway. LOL Who gonna make some NOISE !!!!!!!!
  10. I'm on board GG! Razortalon has voiced he is as well (Dome Field Advantage) over in the Noise forums. Anyone joking @ this point must not be a fan!! *eyes all those that will try an flame me** Set up if you are a FAN and lets support our team with 120dbl.!!!!! RISE UP ATLANTA and PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!!
  11. There needs to be some "decibles" pressuring the roof of the Dome outward!!!!!! What is our record, 115dbl? 120dbl is where we need to be!! 5 winning seasons in a row Falcons' Fans!! We can do it! Offenses jump off sides when they can't hear, D-Block sworms with big plays when it's above 100dbl! I want them here so we can take over Northside Dr. after the game again!!!!!!! Can ya say PARTY in the STREET!!!!!? The Giants are coming to town (payback time!), RISE UP ATLANTA!!!!!!!!
  12. Lets make some NOISE!!!!!!!!

  13. I think there was pressure from outside the Organization @ the end of the season last year. Some positions came available several weeks before and with the interest levels peaking, I really feel the OC had to make it so he could take the job before it was gone. I also remember a lot of Fans calling for heads to roll! We are in a much better state ;-)
  14. Go watch the D-Block video on the Falcons Home Page!
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