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  1. I thinking trading back a few spots and grabbing one of the top two corners would be my preference
  2. OMG Douglas is lightning quick!! I can't wait to see him during preseason!
  3. I think he means you need a good pass rush from your D-Line in a cover 2 since everybody else plays zone, and Chris Long can provide that pass rush.
  4. The Rams do need a pass rusher, so it makes sense for them to draft C. Long. But you never know anything can happen just look at Miami last year. I am hoping Dorsey falls to us so TD can make the easy choice and select Dorsey.
  5. I'm really hoping they Chris Long so we can snatch up Dorsey. I REALLY WANT DORSEY TO BE A FALCON!!!
  6. If Jake and Dorsey go 1 and 2 we have to take Ellis. The man has a non stop motor, everybody saw how he dominated at the senior bowl.
  7. I doubt Miami picks Dorsey, i think they will draft one of the Longs. spartacus who is that girl in your sig?
  8. What about Gholson? I understand fit but I could find a place for him or Chris Long. Gholston and Chris Long are great players but we need a DT over a OLB/DE. If Gholston can play MLB then I'm all for taking him over Ellis.
  9. If Dorsey and Jake Long are off the board (God forbid) then I would take Ellis in a heartbeat. He would be the best player available for our team, with Clady a close second.
  10. I would take Ed Reed over Bob Sanders.
  11. I would love to get Phillips but we have more important positions to fill. Plus we signed Coleman. I see us going QB, OL, MLB in the 2nd round.
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