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  1. Yeah we could trade him and then bring Vick back as a WR and punt returner....
  2. Sarah Palin would prefer that you didn't call us "******** fans"
  3. This team has lost value because we no longer have Vick.....we must get Vick back if we want to keep this franchise from going under!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm....has anyone seen my medication lately, its gotta be here somewhere. :P
  4. Who is this Dingus McDoodle....and why didn't Arthur Blank give him an interview? Seriously though, i understand what you're trying to say, but i gotta go with the man that won a Superbowl.
  5. Sean Payton has a Superbowl Ring....that pretty much ends the debate.
  6. Wow, can't believe you used a clip from a Digable Planets video as your avatar....NICE.
  7. I'm pretty sure the writer was trying to choose some players that weren't obvious choices. An article focusing on Matt Ryan and Drew Brees would have been boring.
  8. Thats pretty much the argument Dunn made on ESPN. He stated that Detroits O-Line pretty much turned Harrington into an entirely different QB.
  9. Mike Vick......just kidding. I remember crying when the Falcons lost to the Houston Oilers back in the 80s. Not sure why I cried, but my mom and older brother gave me **** about it.
  10. Warrik Dunn described Joey Harrington as "gun shy" when he played with the Falcons. He mentioned this while describing how he thought Sam Bradford's future would look in St. Louis. This really isn't big news.......i just thought it was interesting that he would say it on national television.
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