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  1. I'm happy they've traded for Shockey, now they have the two most overrated players in the league with him and Bush.
  2. Sam Baker was a must reach. Maybe he won't be worth the money we spend on him, but at the very least, he'll be starting on our O line for a while barring injury. It's not like our o line is missing one piece, we need 3 or 4. So we grab Baker, and worse case we move him inside and take an OT with high pick next year. The only decent o lineman we have right now is McClure and he's not getting any younger. Blalock may prove to be a decent guard, but hasn't proven it. We still have 2 more holes to fill at the very least if Baker proves he's a quality starter.
  3. I don't care if Tom Brady cost 116 mil/year and was forced to throw the ball to himself while blocking for himself, he'd still be the best value.
  5. How can you talk about the Saint WR's w/o mentioning their best WR....Maybe b/c they have him listed as a RB on the roster. I guess that one fell through the cracks. I guess wearing a RB's number gives him the illusion of being an NFL RB.
  6. I'll say 11-15, obviously I'd rank them higher than that.
  7. I could've told you we'd be dead last w/o even looking. Our TE's are going to be used as blockers which isn't going to excite anyone.
  8. IMO watching the D this year is going to be a rollercoaster ride. With all the young guys wanting to prove themselves I think we'll have guys flying around laying the wood on ball carriers. But the other side is that we'll have a bunch of young guys making young guy mistakes and blowing coverages and watching the other team's offense light up the score board. It will be really fun at times and really fustrating at times. Strap in and get ready.
  9. Nice work TDW, I enjoyed reading your posts. I may have to take a break from the message boards until camp starts but you gave me a new reason to come on here. Thanks again.
  10. I get a lot of comments as well, b/c I'm always rocking my falcons gear around town. So when I'm out walking my dog (180 lb. Mastiff, so she attracts attention) wearing a falcons t-shirt, there's always someone that has to make a comment. It's all part of being a falcons fan and will make it that much sweeter when our day comes.
  11. Yeah, I wish I could say that picks that go against my wishes were still stunning, but I've been a Falcons fan since I can remember watching football. (And I can remember popping the top off a coke to see which player's face was on the cap!) However, my sentiments match those of you who have posted so far. I was pro Dorsey until it set in as Matt Ryan got his name called. At that point, no matter how skeptical I was, he became my QB. Well said Ol Dirty. I started the offseason all over Jake Long, when it became evident that we wouldn't have a shot at Long, I wanted Dorsey. I was watching the
  12. Great job TDW, you gave me a new reason to come to these boards during a slow time. I really appreciate all the work you put into this. So....tomorrow I'll be expecting the 2009 draft, and Monday week one of the 2009 season.
  13. I agree with the placings for the most part, but I'm guessing it's mathematically impossible for only 2 AFC teams to finish below .500 and only 6 teams in the NFC to be below .500.
  14. I can understand our low ranking, but if I were ranking NFC south RB's, I'd rank it: 1. Carolina 2. Atlanta 3. Bucs 4. Saints How long will it be b/4 the "experts" realize Reggie Bush is not an nfl running back. He is a good returner and a receiving threat, but not a running back. And duece won't be the same.
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