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  1. Sucks, think he would have been great for the Birds.
  2. Haha touché Fair, fair. I just more mean but watching the game, which I know no other way than it being an extremely intense experience. Every. Single. Sunday.
  3. I’m in San Diego for my wife’s grandmother’s memorial. Was walking along the beach to get breakfast and said “oh ****, I totally forgot the Falcons were on today.” Checked the feed and saw the Vic TD. Perhaps this makes me a fairwearher fan this year, checking out, but my heart and soul needs this break.
  4. I literally forgot the NFL was on today...and it felt great. I’ve been so emotionally invested in this team (and this league) for so long that this break, with us being out of contention, was badly needed. The Birds can’t drive ya insane if ya ain’t watching...
  5. Real curious where you Quinn believers are at right now? What a pathetic showing by the Falcons tonight. Quinn was panicked the entire game. Ryan looked lost. The defense was garbage as usual. I cannot see this coaching staff turning it around and being a contender next year. I agree that if there isn't someone better out there then we stick with what we got, but there's just got to be someone better...who understands the most basic basics of the **** game.
  6. I truly think it's the only way for us to bounce back quickly. And perhaps also fall even further behind just as quickly. But I'm willing to take that risk.
  7. I saw someone posted this as a topic, but this stat is staggering. Dan Quinn lacks the killer instinct that any head coach, in ANY sport, requires to be a perennial winner. Falcons only blew 3 4Q leads in Mike Smith's first 4 seasons (2008-2011). Falcons have blown 12 4Q leads in Dan Quinn's first 4 seasons (2015-2018). Falcons blew 8 4Q leads from the 2012 NFC Championship Game thru 2014 under Smith, which led to his firing.
  8. I disagree. I think the high-powered teams are distancing themselves from the rest of the pack. Kind of reminds me of the NBA. I see the Rams and Chiefs being juggernauts for a long time coming. Compare them to the Warriors and Cavs from past few years. The Chiefs very well may be the next Patriots.
  9. That is my point exactly. Nailed it. We had our shot. I rewatched the Super Bowl AGAIN last night. 28-3 with 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. SUPER BOWL. All we had to do was execute on a few plays and we win. All we had to was run three times and kick, and we win. Our coaches, actually a worse coaching staff now but with the same egghead head coach, blew it. I just can't see this regime bouncing back to win it all. I hope they prove me wrong.
  10. Couldn't agree more. I think everyone thinks that with Rico, Debo, and Neal we would be a top 5 D. I just don't see it, at all. We get zero pressure on opposing QBs. Trufant still wouldn't be able to catch. Alford would still be meat.
  11. To suggest that the Rams haven't changed drastically is just wrong. They added a ton of new players and their quarterback is a totally different player. They would destroy us.
  12. Even with our starters, can you really see us hanging with these three teams? I think if we play a near perfect game we could make it a game, but I don't even think it's a matter of talent, but more game plan, execution, and football IQ.
  13. Watching this Rams-Chiefs game after our last two games, I'm feeling like 2016 might be our only shot for a very long time. We were healthy almost the entire year and the elite teams in the league look way more legit than they did in '16. The Saints, Chiefs, and Rams would absolutely destroy us on a neutral field and I think we'd struggle mightily versus the Pats, Bears, Texans, (perhaps even Colts), and obviously the Steelers. We don't even look like we are playing the same brand of football. These teams come prepared to play, week in, week out. Their game plans are tight, the coaches seem to be dialed in, and there seems to be a different level of discipline and fire than we exhibit weekly. I personally feel this is bigger than Neal, Rico, and Debo. Not trying to be a downer, but unless we make some brilliant offseason moves and get an in-game manager, I just can't see us hanging with the NFL's elite anytime soon.
  14. Dear Mr. Blank - If Dan Quinn remains head coach after today’s game, I will not spend another second watching this team or giving you my hard-earned money. How many more games will you allow your HEAD COACH to cost your team games? After years of questionable decisions and then insanely boneheaded decisions the past two weeks — last weekend him not challenging a clear touchdown and today giving the Cowboys at extra 8 yards, which was just enough for a hooking field goal to go through the uprights — he must go. Dan Quinn seems like a nice fella but he is fully incapable of leading us to a championship. As a head coach in the National Football League, he clearly doesn’t understand the basics of football…when to call time outs, how to eat clock with a lead, when to challenge and not challenge calls, etc., etc., etc. And as importantly, Coach Quinn is obviously unable to get his team ready to beat teams like Cleveland (who doesn’t beat anybody) and Dallas at home, with the entire season on the line. Do I need to go into the 28–3 lead that he wilted away in the SUPER BOWL? Nope, everyone knows that story, but since every. single. opposing. fan. constantly reminds us of that atrocious meltdown, let me remind you…Dan Quinn blew THE BIGGEST LEAD IN SUPER BOWL HISTORY. All he had to do was run three times, kick a field goal (he must have forgot that we have one of the most consistent kickers in NFL history), and the Atlanta Falcons are Super Bowl champions. Yep, the basics. You do realize that Falcon fans will never live this down right? Well that is unless we finally hoist that beautiful Vince Lombardi trophy. We are wasting the golden years of our Hall of Fame talent. How much longer do you think Matt and Julio will play at this level? The past few seasons we’ve lost a slew of games to teams that we should not be losing to, in pretty horrific ways. Let me ask you something…do you ever feel overly confident going into a football game? I sure don’t, even when on paper we have a more talented team. Why? Because our head coach doesn’t properly prepare this team. We are an undisciplined, unfocused bunch far too often. Sure we had injuries this year, but Dan Quinn is supposed to be a brilliant defensive mind and his defenses have looked clueless all year. Loyalty is a great quality but not when it’s to a fault. Perhaps others won’t say it but I will…you are too loyal Arthur. Where did your loyalties get you with Mike Smith? Dan Quinn is Mike Smith 2.0 to a T. He’s a good talent evaluator but a terrible head coach. Look at where Smitty is now. Out of yet another job having recently been fired in Tampa Bay. You kept that guy around for far too long and I fear the same thing happening here. I’m tired of Quinn’s bland, repetitive answers when questioned about why we lost a game. I’m tired of his clichés and empty slogans (like “In Brotherhood”). I’m tired of his lack of fire when his team does stupid $hit game in, game out. I’m tired. Actually, I’m exhausted. Being a Falcon fan is completely exhausting. My family and I have been watching this team since year one. We had season tickets up until you point when you decided to build an unneeded stadium, charge an insane amount for PSL’s (effectively pricing us out), and turn our football field into an amusement park, creating empty seats throughout leading to zero energy and fan noise. My family was able to look past that though. While sitting in our seats at NRG Stadium during halftime of the Super Bowl, my brother, father, and I, finally felt that that the 50 years of hardship were worth it. We were finally going to see our beloved team win a title. Enter Dan Quinn. But hey, at least we have $2 hot dogs. Please Mr. Blank…I’m a 42 year old man virtually begging you at this point. Please bring us a proven winner. Please bring in a coach who understands the most simple aspects of the game. Please bring us a coach who doesn’t isn’t satisfied with a small lead and who doesn’t seem to enjoy every game going down to the wire. Please bring in a coach who has that Bill Belichick killer instinct and who goes for the jugular. MY jugular, and heart, simply can’t take it anyone. The fans deserve better. The franchise deserves better. You deserve better. Please. Sincerely, A lifelong Atlanta Falcon’s fan who can’t take more losing