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  1. your team got beat by 15 to a team who played like garbage and your lord and savior had a 29 QB rating. welcome to reality
  2. no, this game wasn't close at all. you lost by 15 to a team that played some of it's worst football of the year.
  3. and the Falcons should be happy the Bucs didn't throw up 45 on them with the 2 major misses by Griese and wasted red zone opportunities. the next game will be even worse, I can't wait to watch Matt "i'm scared" Ryan against this D again
  4. yet they still rolled your pathetic team by 15, well done nancy you guys won't win a division game all year, have fun.
  5. Hard to run Turner when you're getting pounded by 3 scores. Your O is in trouble, big time. Turner will never run like the LIons game again and you'll be lucky to find the endzone. Ryan isn't good, he's far from even average. That D ate his lunch and will do it again and agian
  6. Don't you wish you could have "ignored" the game today? You guys like ignoring reality
  7. but, but, Turner will shred the TB D right? he's the second coming right? where was this Norwood clown today? I thought he was better than Reggie Bush?? I thought he was one of the best RB's in the NFL?
  8. Yes, it was a TD and 2 pt, your pathetic O wouldn't find the endzone. It was over after the first quarter. The Bucs played like garbage and rolled the Falcons. The only way the Falcants gained yards was by bonehead plays by the Bucs. If anything, the Bucs giftwrapped a few FG's for you to stay close. Next game, it will be even more of a beatdown. your team isn't good, at all, and will not win more than 5 games. Turibble, just turrible
  9. yup, get ready because that's reality for turdner
  10. Are you kidding me? The Bucs played like garbage and won by 15. There were multiple stupid plays by the Bucs that kept the Turds in it, if not it would have been 45-3, easily. I can't wait until the next meeting because it's easy to see how much better the Bucs are than the Falcants
  11. no, see, in the NFL you have to score TD's the only time ATL drove was by TB penalties, you may think it was close but it wasn't. it was a beatdown and your lucky the Bucs didn't put up 45 today your team is horrible, you won't win more than 5 games, and your qb is ryan leaf
  12. you're right, they played like garbage and still won by 15 imagine if they didn't make stupid mistakes? it would have been 45-3
  13. wrong, penalties and fluke forward passes drove the Falcons down the filed.
  14. instead you took a beatdown to TB now you'll be fighting to not go 1-2
  15. no, the Falcons had no chance. the Bucs could only play bad for so long, it was never a game. it should have been 45-3
  16. NO, Ryan was awful today. He's going to fight the ghost or Ryan Leaf. His arm strength is poor, isn't quick making decisons, and won't amount to more than a below average QB
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