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  1. Get DIRECTV Super Fan and you don't have to worry about blackouts.
  2. I'm worried that USC is not known for turning out offensive lineman. I hope we can catch lightning in a bottle with this one.
  3. . How about 5 Pro Bowls. Yea, 5 probowls but none since 05'. If he can have a couple more probowl years and finish his career with over 1,200 tackles he might have a shot. He used to fill stat sheets when he was on but lately he is just racking up tackles. His impact on games has dwindled the last couple of years. If we can see the 05' Brooking(115tackles,4ints,3.5sacks,6passesdef) for the next few years I think he can make it in but if we get the Brooking for the last 2yrs he has no shot. Yeah I have to agree with you on that one. But I think the reason why his numbers has dwindled the las
  4. How about 5 Pro Bowls. Dude how old are you? This sounds like a fifteen year old's idea. The only people that knows anything about Keith Brookingare people down here in theATL. The Hall Of fame...HA!!!! I 've been a fan of this team since 1980 and remember when we drafted him. 5 pro bowls is enough for his name to be mentioned as a possible candidate for the Hall. As for the Ring Of Honor, If Bart can get a banner with just 3 pro bowls to his resume', then Brooking should be a shoe-in with his 5.
  5. I think Nicholas is better WLB than Brooking. I hope we dont let loyality ruin putting the best team on the field. Funny,you havent seen nicholas do anything but hes better? um Nicholas was on the team last year so yes he has been seen and he didn't get pushed around and dive at ankles and piles.He wouldn't be a weak link like 56.[/quotAnd what are you basing this on? His whole three games he played last year? Nicholas has a long ways to go to be declared better than Brooking.
  6. You can't be serious.... Yes I am. I didn't say he belonged in the Hall, just that when it came down to putting his name on the ballot; he should pick up a vote or two. As far as the Ring Of Honor goes, he surely belongs.
  7. Yeah, I have to agree with you on that one. Russell I think is going to be a bust, and MacFadden is going to be another Reggie Bush.
  8. Ignore my last post. I meant to agree with Bruce.
  9. Do you mean entire Football career, (including Tech), or asa Falcon? I remember him playing MLB more than OLB. And as for the "Hall..." 1.Ga Hall of Fame... probably. 2. Pro Football..... doubtful. As a Falcon.
  10. considering the HOF doesn't let in low-budget players like Brooking I'd say he has a 0.0 %chance to make it in. the fact that you even brought this up is a clear example of poor football acumen Judging by the number of negative posts you make suggests that you are the one with poor football acumen as well a low IQ.
  11. Until his recent slide I would've said Julius Peppers. But now I'll go with Norwood.
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