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  1. Sorry if this has already been posted but I just went on the nfl.com website and they have a HC/GM tracker area. Under the Eagles it shows an interview with Arthur Smith as being "scheduled".
  2. I apologize if this has already been answered. Do the same rules apply to talking with/interviewing potential GM candidates who are currently employed by other NFS teams a they do for HC candidates? In other words, do we have to wait until the season is over to start interviewing GM candidates?
  3. Despite recent developments in the labor battle that are seen as positive by some, the NFL is planning for a regular season as short as eight games, the Sports Business Journal reported Monday. The reported plan essentially means that in order to have a 2011 season a new collective bargaining agreement would need to be reached no later than early November. Under the reported plan, the eight-game season would start in late November and culminate with the Super Bowl in Indianapolis Feb. 12. The NFL has previously cleared the way for the Super Bowl to be played as late as Feb. 12. The league is looking to give teams five weeks before the season to sign free agents, hold training camps, and possibly play preseason games. According to NBC Sports' ProFootballTalk, the NFL has said it needs at minimum three weeks between a deal and the start of the season, making early November the latest possible date for a labor agreement. Lawyers for the NFL owners and players appeared before a federal appeals court Friday to argue the league's appeal of a ruling that invalidated the lockout. The court urged the sides to find a solution to the labor dispute, with one judge saying neither side will like the eventual ruling. The court is expected to take weeks to decide the appeal. The hearing followed three days of talks in Chicago that the two sides set up on their own without lawyers present. Courtesy of FOXSports.com
  4. Hi Tandy. I am so sorry you and your family are having to go through this. I became acquainted with this relentless disease 5 years ago when it took away the love of my life. It grieves me that you are having to watch this happen to your beloved Timmy. Thank you for your openness in allowing us to share this. I am glad to hear that the Falcons responded and sent Timmy the package. I hope it lifted his spirits. Your story also reminds us that we are not just Falcon fans with our avatars and sigs, but real people with real struggles in life. I know I speak for myself and many, if not all, MB members, that there is not a more respected person on this board than you Tandy. I truly pray for you and your family during this time. Jim
  5. I work part time at PGA Superstore in Kennesaw. Mr Blank now owns the company, and we seem to have a good assortment of Falcon related items; jerseys, etc. We also have a lot of college team accessories.
  6. Atlanta Falcons (Last Year: 11-5) 2009 NFL Draft Grade: I bashed Atlanta's draft last year, and I learned my lesson to judge these grades based on needs, as well as positional and draft value. Thomas Dimitroff once again has shown us why he's one of the brightest young general managers in the NFL. The Falcons had needs on the defensive line, so they used two of their first four selections to improve that area. I'm not sure if Peria Jerry can play the nose, but he's a talented prospect. Lawrence Sidbury, meanwhile, was taken at No. 125 even though he was projected to go in the second round. William Moore, taken at No. 55, was a first-round prospect in the fall. He should be able to adequately fill Atlanta's need at strong safety. The only thing I don't get is why Dimitroff didn't address the linebacking corps, which was "destimated" by free agency. Falcon fans will be hoping for Leroy Hill. Grade give on 4/27/09: A- 2009 NFL Draft Picks: 24. Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss The Falcons had to address their defensive line, and they're getting a solid talent in Peria Jerry. I thought Evander Hood would make more sense, but I can't argue the pick too much. Thomas Dimitroff clearly has proven that he knows what he's doing. (Pick Grade: 55. William Moore, SS, Missouri I actually had Atlanta drafting William Moore two days before the 2009 NFL Draft. Moore is great value here and fills a position of dire need. Yet another great pick by Dimitroff. (Pick Grade: A) 90. Christopher Owens, CB, San Jose State Christopher Owens seems like somewhat of a reach to me, but the Falcons had to find some help at corner. (Pick Grade: 125. Lawrence Sidbury, DE, Richmond Amazing value. Lawrence Sidbury, a fringe second-round prospect, fills yet another need on Atlanta's defense. (Pick Grade: A) 138. William Middleton, CB, Furman This is the first pick of Thomas Dimitroff's that I don't like. William Middleton doesn't provide good draft value here. And I don't know why the linebacker position hasn't been addressed yet. (Pick Grade: D) 156. Garrett Reynolds, OT, North Carolina Offensive tackle depth had to be addressed. The Falcons are getting solid value here with Garrett Reynolds. (Pick Grade: 176. Spencer Adkins, OLB, Miami The first Hurricane off the board at No. 176. The Falcons needed outside linebacker help, and this happens to be Spencer Adkins' draft range. (Pick Grade: 210. Vance Walker, DT, Georgia Tech Once again, the Falcons landed a player with great positional and draft value. Defensive line depth, as we've seen the past few years, is really important. (Pick Grade: A) Season Summary: No one expected this. Not even the biggest Falcons homer alive. Maybe some people believed Matt Ryan would evolve into a very good quarterback, but not right away. And don't forget about the offensive line either - it's amazing how a group so maligned a year ago could turn it around so quickly. I received some flak for my awful 2008 Falcons Season Preview - I had them going 4-12 - but no one thought they could even finish .500. Offseason Moves: Falcons acquire TE Tony Gonzalez from Chiefs for 2010 second-round pick Falcons re-sign G Harvey Dahl Rams acqure WR Laurent Robinson from Falcons. Teams will swap picks in 5th and 6th rounds Saints sign DT Rod Coleman Falcons sign ILB Mike Peterson Falcons sign C Brett Romberg Lions sign DT Grady Jackson Falcons re-sign RB Jason Snelling Falcons re-sign ILB Tony Gilbert Falcons re-sign DE Chauncey Davis Giants sign OLB Michael Boley Cowboys sign OLB Keith Brooking Ravens sign CB Domonique Foxworth Falcons re-sign S Jamaal Fudge Falcons re-sign C Ben Wilkerson Falcons tender OT Tyson Clabo (2nd round) Falcons re-sign OLB Coy Wire Falcons re-sign TE Justin Peele Falcons re-sign DT Jason Jefferson Falcons re-sign P Michael Koenen Offseason Needs: Nose Tackle: The Falcons had major problems against the run because of their gaping hole at nose tackle. A second- or third-round selection could be used to fill this need. Drafted Peria Jerry Strong Safety: Lawyer Milloy was beaten on two long touchdowns against the Cardinals. He's currently a free agent, so he won't be back with the squad. The Falcons need a play-maker at the safety position. Someone like Patrick Chung or William Moore in Round 2 makes sense. Drafted William Moore Tight End: What makes Matt Ryan's rookie performance even more amazing is that he did everything without a reliable tight end. Imagine how dangerous Atlanta's offense will be once Ryan has someone like Brandon Pettigrew going over the middle. Traded for Tony Gonzalez Defensive End: Patience is wearing thin regarding Jamaal Anderson. Owner of just two sacks in his first two NFL seasons, Anderson looks like a bust after being chosen No. 8 overall in the 2007 NFL Draft. The Falcons need another pass-rusher to bolster a defense that had just 18 sacks on the year if you take away John Abraham's total. Drafted Lawrence Sidbury; re-signed Chauncey Davis Two Linebackers: It looks like Michael Boley will be moving to weakside linebacker (assuming he's re-signed). Once that happens, Atlanta will have to find itself a new strongside linebacker. Signed Mike Peterson; drafted Spencer Adkins Center: If there's a weak link on Atlanta's offensive line, it's at the center position. The 285-pound Todd McClure turns 32 on Feb. 16. Alex Mack is a slight possibility at No. 24. Re-signed Ben Wilkerson; signed Brett Romberg 2009 NFL Free Agent Signings: Mike Peterson, LB, Jaguars. Age: 33. Signed with Falcons (3 years) Mike Peterson just had the worst season of his NFL career. He was benched for talent and character issues. Brett Romberg, C, Rams. Age: 29. - Signed with Falcons Atlanta Falcons Free Agents: Salary Cap (As of Feb. 10): $20 million Domonique Foxworth, CB. Age: 26. Signed with Ravens (4 years, $28 million) Acquired from the Broncos, Domonique Foxworth played extremely well for the Falcons. Let's see if performs just as well when he's not in his contract year. Harvey Dahl (RFA), G. Age: 28. Re-signed with Falcons (1 year, $1.545 million) A monstrous run-blocker. Michael Turner should buy Harvey Dahl and Tyson Clabo new homes for the lanes they opened up this season. Tyson Clabo (RFA), Falcons. Age: 27. Tendered by Falcons (2nd round) Tyson Clabo really stepped up and emerged as a solid right tackle for the Falcons this year. Michael Boley, OLB. Age: 27. Signed with Giants (5 years, $25 million; $11 million guaranteed) What happened!? A year ago, Michael Boley was one of the most promising young linebackers in the NFL, and was consequently listed as a 4-star player on this chart. In 2008, Boley was benched. I'm listing him this high because he's just too talented not to rebound. Chauncey Davis, DE. Age: 26. Re-signed with Falcons (4 years, $14 million) Chauncey Davis had four sacks in 2008. He's a solid reserve in the 4-3. Keith Brooking, OLB. Age: 33. Signed with Cowboys (3 years) Once a great player, Keith Brooking's skills have diminished; he's nothing more than a veteran leader in the locker room. Coy Wire, OLB. Age: 30. Re-signed with Falcons (2 years) Stepped in for a struggling Michael Boley and did well against the run. Still, a reserve linebacker at best. Lawyer Milloy, SS. Age: 35. Like Rodney Harrison, Lawyer Milloy could be useful as a veteran backup. Grady Jackson, DT. Age: 36. Signed with Lions (3 years, $8 million) Grady Jackson started at nose tackle all year for the Falcons. It's safe to say that Atlanta will be looking to upgrade this position pretty soon. Michael Koenen, P. Age: 27. - Re-signed with Falcons (1 year, $2.48 million) Jason Jefferson, DT. Age: 27. - Re-signed with Falcons Jason Snelling, RB. Age: 25. - Re-signed with Falcons Ben Wilkerson (ERFA), C. Age: 26. - Re-signed with Falcons Justin Peelle, TE. Age: 30. - Re-signed with Falcons Rod Coleman, DT. Age: 33. - Signed with Saints Jamaal Fudge (RFA), S. Age: 26. - Re-signed with Falcons (1 year) Tony Gilbert, ILB. Age: 29. - Re-signed with Falcons Wayne Gandy, OT. Age: 38. Marcus Pollard, TE. Age: 37. Joe Horn, WR. Age: 37. 2009 NFL Free Agent Rankings Divisional Rival History: Carolina Panthers: Though the visitor claimed the past five going into the 2008 season, both home teams were victorious last year. New Orleans Saints: The Saints have won five of six in this rivalry. The lone exception came on Nov. 9, when the Falcons beat New Orleans, 34-20, at the Georgia Dome. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Michael Vick could never solve the Buccaneers. Matt Ryan lost his first meeting against them, but had better luck the second time around. The Falcons won the re-match at home, 13-10. Features to be Posted This Offseason: 2009 NFL Draft Grades (Pick-by-Pick NFL Draft Grades as well - Live on Draft Day!) Detailed season preview Fantasy football projections Positional rankings Daily updates on free-agent signings More 2009 NFL Offseason Pages: DAL / NYG / PHI / WAS / CHI / DET / GB / MIN / ATL / CAR / NO / TB / ARZ / SF / SEA / STL / BUF / MIA / NE / NYJ / BAL / CIN / CLE / PIT / HOU / IND / JAX / TEN / DEN / KC / OAK / SD 2009 NFL Offseason Pages Live Individual 2009 NFL Draft Grades - April 26 2009 NFL Mock Re-Draft (Round 3) - April 26 Live 2009 NFL Draft Blog - April 25 2009 NFL Mock Draft - April 25 (7 Rounds) - Walt's Emmitt Smith's 2009 NFL Mock Draft © 1999-2009 Walter Cherepinsky : all rights reserved Privacy Policy 2 5 9
  7. Thanks Tandy! I'm sure Todd appreciated it. He is a real warrior and team player who does his job in the trenches.
  8. The Brandon Miller release perplexed me a bit. Like Tandy, I remember Coach Smith saying some positive things about Brandon just a few days ago, and now he is released and on a team 3,000 miles away. What a difference a day makes!! I know Brandon has amazing physical skills and was hoping he was going to be one of those "diamonds in the rough" players.
  9. Yea, i keep looking for info on what we did with Foster. That would be huge if he could come back and contribute the rest of the season. When I saw Breaking News yesterday I thought that was going to be it. But that was the Brandon Miller release.
  10. You can now tackle a QB cleanly, not get flagged, but still be fined mega bucks.
  11. Hi Tandy, Just wanted to join the other vets in supporting you and your grand daughter. I served quite a while back (Nam), but I definitely remember boot camp. I know you have to be heart broken and proud at the same time. Heart broken because you miss her so much; and proud because she is living her dream and doing something very honorable. I'm sure I speak for all the vets in saying we want to be there for you and support you in any way we can. Please feel free to message me anytime you want. Just hang in there and feel proud. When she gets out of camp and into her school she will have a lot more freedom; at least you will be able to communicate with her much more freely.
  12. In light of what happened last year, I honestly thought we were 2-3 years away from even being where we are now. TD has done an amazing job!! I don't know for sure if there is such a thing as an award for Executive or FO person of the year; but if there is, he's it!!! Props to AB for putting the pieces together for a winning franchise. The chemistry of the entire organization from FO on down is solid, and everyone seems to be on the same page. It seems like AB learned from Mr Kraft to hire a bright GM to run your football operations, and just step aside and let him do his job. If TD and Coach Smith can do this in one year, you can't help but be excited about our future.
  13. Apparantly Shockey did not run a correct route or something. i believe one of the announcers said he could read Brees' lips saying "I needed you there".
  14. You are so right. I'm sooo glad TD is calling the shots for real!! I will gladly remain an armchair GM.
  15. Great read Tandy. What a mature young man!! Ryan Purvis (TE from BC) first cousin plays on my tennis team. He has met Matt Ryan several times and I remember him commenting on his maturity and confidence levels being off the chart. A lot of our team members were bummed about picking Ryan over Dorsey last Spring. Purvis told us not to worry; we would not be disappointed with Matt. He turned out to be right on!!
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