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  1. What I hated about the Julio trade. Move Julio cool… but now we have to find a way to move Matt and get capital now too. Then draft a qb OR draft pitts and do whatever you have to do capwise to keep the core together. It could’ve been done
  2. He went Undrafted in my league in 2016 (I picked him up of course) because he was coming off of a 21 TD 16 INT season
  3. The zip and accuracy was amazing. I really would like to see what he does after getting to sit behind Matt a year or two. Let’s also not forget what smith did with tannehill.
  4. Bad thing was 95% of us knew it was stupid when he did it. Like why would you not retain/promote any of the offensive staff a year after your offense carries you to the super bowl, breaks multiple NFL records and is the 8th best offense of all time?…
  5. Crazy how we have gone from Roddy to Julio to Ridley… pretty amazing WRs
  6. It is crazy how he only had like 300 yds receiving in college and has been so much better in the nfl lol
  7. Love our safeties and tbh if Fabian can play well at corners our secondary may actually be pretty good
  8. Crazy this was our best era in team history
  9. If roddy wasn’t retired Julio shouldn’t be retired
  10. We have one first rounder we have to sign to a major extension and we just drafted a receiving threat with a top 4 pick. In addition, gage had 800 yds last year. we’re good
  11. Board member since 07 back when we thought DJ was Da Future and Norwood was an every down back
  12. Could be pretty good but will likely struggle early due to inexperience. Can you believe that Jake is now the veteran of this group
  13. Matt has never been the type to do it in the media. Best believe if he’s to vouch for him, it’ll be behind closed doors and we’ll likely never know.
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