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  1. All first round starting line up qb ryan rb gurley wr juio wr ridley wr treadwell te Hurst lt Matthews lg carpenter c Mack rg Lindstrom Rt mcgary
  2. McCoy and big Grady. Last time we put a solid DT next to Grady we had a top 10 defense
  3. Agreed. People discount Poe’s impact on our 2017 defense.
  4. I know they’re both 215 but I’m really over 5’9 less than 220-225 (smaller) rbs. I want a bruiser. Bring us back to the burner days.
  5. Keep hill draft a back in the 2nd-4th and then team him up with hill, olli and ito.
  6. Hoop went from solid to one of the best TEs in the league. Great rapport with Ryan and he was on pace for 100+ catches and 1000+ yds. we have to resign him he’s the true 1A to Julio, not Ridley
  7. Been saying it since last season I like how he runs his vision has improved since his first stint. People were telling me the Carolina game didn’t count because of his one big run but it was the burst and vision on the other runs that impressed me, even if they didn’t go for huge gains against one of the best front 7s in football.
  8. Still sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen to me. If our defense played well all game now it’s up to Morris after only calling 9-12 plays (3rd downs) that’s just kind of risky IMO.
  9. I’d be alright with it. Ready to get away from shannys offense.
  10. I think he can turn it around. He is a rook and has fight but he’s got some learning to do.
  11. We need to blow the whole thing up. Too much talent for this
  12. He needs to be gone ASAP. I have a feeling mularky or koetter would be the interim though smh
  13. I can’t even say I can get excited about that after what happened last year. This team offers Mora-sized letdowns, 51 included.
  14. I was on the fence after last year because I didn’t think his year was deserving of a probowl but he’s really shown up this year. He deserves it.
  15. I agree. 2016 was amazing but that was a long time ago. Honestly, Quinn was given a longer leash than Smitty.
  16. I agree with others if we could get a veteran CB/S hybrid I think we’d be set
  17. Hopefully he can bounce back with us. Would be pretty cool.
  18. Also the same Blair Walsh who earned allpro honors in Minnesota. Fans only remember the bad.
  19. Walsh was a beast in college. He’s been up and down in the pros. Wanted him to be Bryant’s understudy when he came out of college. If he can reclaim his UGA form he can definitely become an elite kicker. lets not forget, Bryant was solid but not spectacular prior to him coming to Atlanta.
  20. Not trying to miss the playoffs because we got cute at one of the most important spots on the team
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