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  1. Outside of a miracle, our season is done. Carolina Buffalo Miami All three games we shouldn't have lost. These will come back and bite us. 7-9 here we come. Hopefully we cut sark soon and pick up kubiak. all a pipe dream, but whatever.
  2. Do that tomorrow
  3. Sark has got to go. We just came off a bye guys. No reason for the O to look like that. Especially against the 32nd ranked defense. I can't even say they stopped us because we kept stopping ourselves.
  4. I love just boosts the adrenaline after a score even more.
  5. Past 90 minutes against GB we've outscored them 75-28. Remember when they used to own us
  6. He wears 21 for a reason don't throw to his side!!!
  7. We really should have picked up TJ Lang. Could have been a SB winning acquisition.