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  1. If roddy wasn’t retired Julio shouldn’t be retired
  2. We have one first rounder we have to sign to a major extension and we just drafted a receiving threat with a top 4 pick. In addition, gage had 800 yds last year. we’re good
  3. Board member since 07 back when we thought DJ was Da Future and Norwood was an every down back
  4. Could be pretty good but will likely struggle early due to inexperience. Can you believe that Jake is now the veteran of this group
  5. Matt has never been the type to do it in the media. Best believe if he’s to vouch for him, it’ll be behind closed doors and we’ll likely never know.
  6. It just doesn’t make sense to move Julio if we’re trying to win now. They’ve got the fans hyped... if they trade him it will launch some ???’s
  7. Houston would make this an amazing offseason. Poole would be icing on the cake
  8. I agree this is my favorite draft of recent memory. We’ll see if they actually can play ball soon. I’m excited about the season for the first time in years
  9. I really really like this pickup Davis ollison and Hawkins have me feeling pretty good about the run game. I think we’ll see a workload similar to turner snelling and quizz
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