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  1. Improve the lines and we’ll be fine. health is the only thing that could stop us at that point.
  2. I want Dexter Lawrence more than any DT in this draft
  3. Could be. I just posted this in another thread. ZBS run game with coryell concepts off of the play action. Koetter has to whip some stuff up but it could be scary with the players we have offensively. build a **** line.
  4. And honestly our weapons are twice what they were. We had a big three, but little else besides that. Bum HD, bum quiz and a run down turner. julio, Sanu, Ridley, Hooper, freeman, hill, Langford, ito, hall...I can’t wait to see what we do if we fix this line. as far as scheme goes, I expect a ZBS run scheme with a good amount of play action with four vert principles/route concepts off of it. Could be of both words potentially. If anyone could make it happen it’d be Matt Ryan and this talent.
  5. Arians brought Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald AND Chris Johnson back from the dead. And nearly made a SB in the process. We better make some moves...
  6. May have been why they said they were waiting for the playoffs to be over. With hopes that the new Hc didn’t want to work with kubaik and we got a chance. honestly I’m ready to move on. Go with koetter. I love the ZBS/WCO that kubiak/Shanahan run, it’s my favorite offense/scheme...but give Matt what he likes at this point. I think koetter would stay for more than 2-3 years too after a failed HC stint.
  7. Was thinking the same thing yesterday. Did y’all see that oline? Reminded me of Brady or brees. Ryan has had the benefit of blocking like that maybe 3 or 4 times...I’d say 08, 10, 12 maybe 16. You’d think we’d get it together. What’s do all of those teams have in common?
  8. Smh @ Andre Roberts good riddance armstrong
  9. We need to upgrade the dline, oline and could use an upgrade to our corners. About what we already knew
  10. It’s like we haven’t even utilized one of Matt’s best skills. Honestly I think that has had something to do with the fact that we really don’t see many fourth qtr comebacks from us anymore. The first 7 years we ran no huddle and were known as the comeback kids. We rarely used that for the next 4 years and probably rarely practiced no huddle situations...and we became very bad in them.
  11. I really want to see what dirk can do with an oline. Definitely have some talent out there. The one year we had a solid line we nearly went to the Sb. The year we had an average line, with injuries, we were a fairly decent offense. The year when we had no OL we sucked. give him an oline and capable RBs and I think we’ll be on track for a solid year. One thing that I liked that Koetter did better than any other Matt Ryan era OC is the no huddle.
  12. Left some to be desired for me. Edwards, dunta, asamoah, soliai.... serviceable guys but we overpaid and I was advocates for all of them.
  13. Especially in the first round. He’s always gotten us serviceable guys throughout the midrounds. Good value here and there with the Freeman’s, Vance walkers, Grady jarretts, Rico Allen, etc. hasn’t really bombed a first rounder since he’s been here. Maybe peria, but i think everyone would agree he looked to be a different guy before the injury. its TDs FA moves that have been back breakers.
  14. Can’t wait until we get freeman and hill together. BASHERS!
  15. Kubiak, Knapp or Gase for me