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  1. We definitely need to keep Neal. One thing that I wish was pointed out in the interview is while we are a younger defense than deans ravens or titans, our young stars have Super Bowl experience with the exception of Terrell and Foye. Neal, Grady and Deion all have been in the super bowl before. I have to say I’m really excited about this Pees hiring. We have hiring a **** of a coaching staff imo and I’m really interested to see how fontenot builds this thing out and manages the cap.
  2. Never thought this day would come. He lit us up for years and I don’t think I’ve ever hated a player so much. He was a great one though. the Monday or Tuesday after beating Drew Brees led Aints was like getting blown by your female boss and getting promoted at the same time
  3. I was just posting this. Mcgary lindstrom and Matthews are all talented guys and have underperformed due to coaching/scheme/play calling. ryan Julio gage Ridley... all we really need is a power back and we can truly focus on defense. This is where smith will have to earn his keep.
  4. The great thing about this hire is we have invested in the oline! These guys are not trash and have looked ok/decent due to poor coaching. Mcgary lindstrom and Matthews will have big years mark my words. I hope we keep Mack for at least one more year.
  5. We need a great running back. Where is a Michael turner in free agency when you need one
  6. Our coach is like two years older than Matt lol 😂
  7. **** we got so lucky in 08. Think about it first time coach Gm and qb turned the team into a perennial playoff team for a 5 year run. It didn’t finish off with a sb... but gosh we were **** of fortunate. Could you imagine if we ended up with fontenot Brady and fields? Oddly enough I could see that working.
  8. So tired of watching the games and literally not giving a crap. It’s been that way since like mid 2018
  9. Cant lie I do like the gradients can’t wait to see them in action
  10. I hate the “ATL” logo crap I wish they’d drop it
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