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  1. Would have been epic. I wouldn't even care about watching sports anymore lol
  2. DE: Beasley, clayborn, takk, freeney, reed DT: Poe, Jarrett, hagemann, shelby, crawford Man out: Upshaw I would not be surprised though if we cut shelby/clayborn due to injury concerns. They're really the same player.
  3. Every big Freeman play against the saints includes jairus Byrd getting worked lol
  4. I think we will sign a vet OT. Outside of schraeder and Matthews we have ****
  5. Spoon played well before the injury. He was a starter and an emotional leader on defense.
  6. We really had a good bit of injuries: Tru, spoon, Shelby, ish, clayborn
  7. I think we're set. We've got solid depth at QB, wr, TE, RB, OG, DE, DT, S, CB. Maybe a OT or a vet LB/ST player...but I don't see anymore major moves
  8. I would love to have Eddie Jackson. I say G, TE, RB, FS
  9. I think we take another safety and our depth is set. All offense from there
  10. Thank you. I like Perkins but I don't think he's ready to be our 3rd TE all season. What if hoop goes down early like tamme did?
  11. Fast and physical No one over 28 y/o All locked up for the next 3 years except Rico and Poe. All ran sub4.6 except Poe and Jarrett
  12. Take a look at this: Base- Tak, Jarrett, Poe, Beasley Riley, Jones, Campbell Alford/Collins, Allen, Neal, truant Nickel- Tak, Jarrett, Poe, Beasley Riley, Jones Collins, Alford, allen, Neal, trufant OR Tak, Poe, Beasley Riley, Jones Collins, Alford, Allen, Poole, Neal, trufant Dime- Tak, Jarrett, Poe, Beasley Jones Collins, Alford, Allen, Neal, Poole, trufant There's so many deadly combination with speed on our defense. Not to mention we have guys like clayborn, Shelby, Crawford, hagemann, Ishmael, Poole, Reed and upshaw ready to step in and make plays off the bench!!! Someone posted earlier that the biggest difference between Quinn and Smith was that Quinn has a clean direction/type of player he likes, where as Smith's style was constantly changing.
  13. reminds me so much of Wright, Wagner, Irvin....
  14. I think so. Campbell compares well to Irvin who played sam in Seattle. I think Riley is a much better player in space (in coverage and making one on one tackles) than Campbell. Riley and Jones in space in the sub packages, watch out!!!
  15. Y'all sound like last year when deion got picked. This dude WILL BE a stud. Our front 7 is set for the next 3 years at least except for Poe.