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  1. We had the chance to win one in their house in 2012 and blew that too smh
  2. Honestly I want to see blidi wreh and oliver get a chance. Live and die with them because tru and Rocky are done. Too much money and not enough results.
  3. They shouldve ejected tru
  4. Sad. He needs to be on the bench ASAP.
  5. Trufant never needs to wear a falcon Jersey again after that effort. BENCH HIM NOW!!!!!!
  6. We ******* suck
  7. Corners are so ***!!!!!!
  8. All thanks to kazee
  9. Ten stacks for Who
  10. Kazee is our earl Thomas/ed reed
  11. Trufant has become the soft version of dunta robinson
  12. Our corners are trash man
  13. Tru 12 yds off
  14. Tru is always playing 10 yds off
  15. I dont think so. Two things always stood out to me about that offense. 1. We picked up such big chunks on 1st and 2nd down that we rarely reached 3rd downs. Multiple long drives with no 3rd downs. 2. No defense could slow us down. Top defense? Didnt matter. We were dropping 30 on them. This offense is very good though.