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  1. I agree with others if we could get a veteran CB/S hybrid I think we’d be set
  2. Hopefully he can bounce back with us. Would be pretty cool.
  3. Also the same Blair Walsh who earned allpro honors in Minnesota. Fans only remember the bad.
  4. Walsh was a beast in college. He’s been up and down in the pros. Wanted him to be Bryant’s understudy when he came out of college. If he can reclaim his UGA form he can definitely become an elite kicker. lets not forget, Bryant was solid but not spectacular prior to him coming to Atlanta.
  5. Not trying to miss the playoffs because we got cute at one of the most important spots on the team
  6. I like this Graham’s athleticism.
  7. Jason Snelling
  8. He had a strong finish to last year.... I think people have been sleeping on him.
  9. No way they’d give up a high 2nd for a 30 yr old wr who’s never had 1000 yds
  10. So much depth along the dline. Much better than last year.
  11. Have said it since before Julio came into the league. From a physicality standpoint, he’s most comparable to Owens. He will have similar longevity barring some crazy injury. i do think Julio has done a better job the past few years of knowing when to and when not to take big hits. Granted he still gets nicked up, but he hasn’t missed as many games and I think that’s played a part.
  12. He’s been in like 5 different systems in his career
  13. I’m so sorry Tandy. Praying for you and your family.
  14. Everyone is so concerned about the defense but really, what’s worse about this D looking at now compared to 2017? Poe? Alford? kazee is an upgrade over either. Senat and Davison May be able to add up to Poe
  15. Yup he has had terrible running talent and run blocking talent in all of those stints. Didn’t koetter coach the jags offense when they were run heavy?