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  1. Cant lie I do like the gradients can’t wait to see them in action
  2. I hate the “ATL” logo crap I wish they’d drop it
  3. Should be 31-23 right now if not for the fg we passed up and 2 pats (one missed). Come on Quinn
  4. The Super Bowl appearance was due to shanny not Quinn. Get him out of here because all he’s ever done is produce mediocrity
  5. All first round starting line up qb ryan rb gurley wr juio wr ridley wr treadwell te Hurst lt Matthews lg carpenter c Mack rg Lindstrom Rt mcgary
  6. McCoy and big Grady. Last time we put a solid DT next to Grady we had a top 10 defense
  7. Agreed. People discount Poe’s impact on our 2017 defense.
  8. I know they’re both 215 but I’m really over 5’9 less than 220-225 (smaller) rbs. I want a bruiser. Bring us back to the burner days.
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