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  1. Has been playing a lot better these last two games from what I can see. He's been in on the nickel package like he usually is but every time I see him his been in very tight coverage. Really encouraging after his play earlier in the year and pre-season. Anyone else agree or am I just seeing things?
  2. Take one more look at that play if you get a chance. Decoud had a perfect shot at it and had his hands in a basket so he could scoop it. I think Moore actually interfered with the potential INT. Not that it really matter either way but I think Decoud would've gotten it.
  3. I think the thing that's so encouraging about Sanders is that he still doesn't understand the scheme well at all. The coaches just threw him in there with limited knowledge and taking that into account I think he did really well. Once he starts to pick things up I think him and Hayden are going to make our D a lot better.
  4. I think the explosive plays are going to come. I really wouldn't worry about that. From what I understand, the Eagles D is designed to stop the pass first. A lot of times the had double coverage on Roddy AND Julio. Combine that with the good DE's they have and it's going to be tough to get the explosive plays.
  5. One thing I would like to see, if we see any changes at all, is routes that leas our WR's up the field. GB does this and it's part of the reason their passing attacks is so effective. Curls, comebacks, digs they are all viable in the right game plan, But we need more 7-8 yard slants and skinny posts to allow the WR's on our team to keep running up field after the catch.... I guess this is obvious though. We just need to play better next week though. Point blank.
  6. Exactly! This is the one thing that's probably the most frustrating about the way some of these fans think. Matt Ryan helped turn around a franchise that was in the DUMPS!!! He helped to create a culture of winning and that what we expect to do as a fan base now. A lot of people take that for granted. I mean MAtt started the game like 8/8 or something like that didn't he? The man is smart and he's definitely not the problem. People are bashing him because he won't force the ball down field when the Bears D is specifically designed to stop the big pass play. Unbelievable how some people think
  7. Our scheme does seem really vanilla. I mean Jay Cutler had a good game but he was throwing to wide open WR's on 3rd and long!!! That just upsets me to think about it. Hopefully we'll see some more aggressive play calling this week but we do need to take some chances and form and identity as a defense. I'm honestly not worried at all about the O. They have way to much talent of that side of the ball and we'll get it together. But to stay on topic, the D has got to step it up in the pass game.
  8. I agree. O-Line did not play well at all yesterday. Have to play better next week and right the ship.
  9. That's not an excuse that's a fact. Those guys only have 1 week of practice with this team. I wouldn't be that confident in putting them in right away. This isn't Madden. You can't just trade for or pick up a player, plug them in and expect them to play as if they have been with the team for years. I do understand where you're coming from though because I would like to see them no the field too. But it's no point in putting them out there if they aren't prepared.
  10. I think Quizz looked good. His pass blocking does need to improve a bit but taking into account that he's a rookie I think he's doing great at it. In his post game interview he said that he is going to work on his pass blocking too so I know it'll get better. Really excited at all the potential he brings to the table.
  11. I agree! Matt just impresses me with every decision he makes. Roddy really looks like he's in top notch form even with the long lay off and I wouldn't be surprised if he put up similar or better numbers than last year! I think Julio is going to be great and Harry looks like a new man out there. Combine that with the G.O.A.T at TE and good core of backs who can catch and pass protect with the best of them and I think we are going to see a lot of good things.
  12. I think you guys are letting those passing TD's that got scored in the Pitt game overshadow the body of work that our Defense is. I really don't think they're in as much need of help as everyone thinks. And besides i don't care what team it is, whether we're talking about the defending champions or the Bengals, every team and I mean every team has some area that they are "concerned" with and can improve on.
  13. I think the O is the last thing on a lot of people list of "concerns" but I think those stats are a good sign for the Offense. Looks like the "explosive" philosophy we've been hearing from the staff is going to manifest onto the field. I'm not too worried about the D either though. They've looked outstanding against the run and it looks like we're being more aggressive with blitz packages and what not. I'm pretty sure we'll see some big plays from that side of the ball as well.
  14. I'm willing to make a wager that the 2 DB's on Pitt's Defense who were trailing Julio as he streaked down the field on that bomb are going to be more at fault in the film room than Brent will be for missing that pick in the endzone. And that's even after Julio dropped the pass.
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