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  1. LOL. That's why I love my fellow Falcons fans. I was thinking the exact same thing. They really screwed up on that one. O well. The world will see his real stats when they watch us beat the Saints Monday!
  2. Wow! This really changed my opinion on Vick and it's not a good thing. I hope we play the Eagles too so we can make sure this is a dream that never comes true. I agree 100% with the OP. We did nothing to Vick, he put himself in that situation and we had to deal with it. I hope all the Vick fanatics see this so they can do some soul searching. I cheer for the logo ******!!!
  3. I saw this crap on the NFL.com site as well and was thinking the same thing. Who ever wrote that is clearly a biased Aint's fan! I can't wait for this game. The "Dome" s going to be so loud! Hope everyone can make it to the game!!! Rise Up!!!!
  4. Hmmm. This is a good question. I have a couple of authentic jersey's I'd like to get signed too. Maybe one on the older posters or STH's will know. I go to a lot of games because my dad is a STH but I've never gotten anything signed. Probably would have to get to the game fairly early.
  5. I agree. Roddy usually responds really well to people trash talking him. I didn't know Porter called him ignorant though. Thanks Tracey! lol Roddy is going to go off!!! Rise Up baby!!!
  6. I saw that coming a mile away. Get creative. It was good but the crash was pretty predictable.
  7. If it was any other game or any other team I would agree with you but the Saints know what's on the line here. They know they need to do everything in their power to try and win and Roddy talking a little trash isn't going to make them play any harder or have any motivation that they shouldn't have already had. I agree with you but I think this time Roddy deserves a pass.
  8. I'm talking about a predetermined act. Not spontaneous acts like holding off a DE who beat you or anything like that. I understand what you're saying and you're exactly right but I think we are talking about two different things.
  9. I have the perfect idea! Have Falco in a very nice car that has some kind of indication that it is headed to the playoffs and then have a Saints fan in a broken down beat up looking plunker with some kind of sign saying they are hoping for a wild card. Make sure to emphasis the fact that the Saints are playing catch up to us as well. Maybe have Falco zooming off and the Saints fan reaching his hands out saying "Wait, don't leave me!" That would be awesome.
  10. Look, I understand that there is a very fine line between legal in illegal when it comes to penalties in general, especially things like PI's and Holding calls. I'm not trying to define a word or anything like that here but all I'm saying that a "pull and shoot" sounds like a premeditated act that's obviously against the rules. That's wrong any way you present it IMO. Illegal contact, PI, holding all those things could possibly be incidental but I'm not getting into all that because it's aside from the topic. I'm just saying if you are knowing breaking a rule then that's wrong.
  11. I would love to see more Sidbury as well, however; there has to be a reason he isn't playing this year. We always have to take into consideration that we are looking at things from the outside in. I honestly think we have one of, if not the, best coaching staffs in the league and I trust their decisions when it comes to personnel. I should note though that Rev did say he talked with someone who works with the team, not sure if they were FO or what, and they said that the team and staff is still high on Sidbury. He posted it a while ago. I suppose Sid the kid will get a legit shot at some playi
  12. I've been posting on this board for at least 5-6 years. Don't say stuff like this man. You don't agree with the topic that's fine but don't start a mob to get me banned that's irrational. And I don't understand why most of you are being so hostile anyway. Every time you see a Vick topic I'm pretty sure you're thinking, "What is this crap doing here!" Am I right? Just let the topic die. Nobody post anything and let it go to the bottom. I've been wrong before and I shouldn't have started this. Didn't think it would be viewed so negatively.
  13. This reminds me of someone trying to convince me that smoking weed is not bad, it's just against the law. If you get a penalty for it then you probably shouldn't be doing it. I'll never say it's ok to cheat at something because that's essentially what that is. They made a rule to prevent it for a reason correct?
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