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  1. Maybe so. I’m hoping their plan was Hawkins all along on day 3. Maybe he’ll show out and earn a spot. Looks great on film. I guess ollison is where I’m looking. Hope he’s proves he is the guy to back up Davis, but I’d prefer a guy that has a track record. In 2 years he’s shown he’s only a short yardage Guy and Davis is capable of doing that.
  2. But the Niners will have to cut one or two right? Prob gallman and Maybe Wilson? I think other teams cut options played a role in not drafting one yesterday.
  3. Yea I’m just thinking without restructuring Julio the only way to get enough to sign rookies would be cut over and save 2.1 cut Gono save 3.3 trade hurst for a 3rd save 1.9 And you’d still need to do something else Right? I’d think for 2 mill plus they Better start and play well
  4. Isaiah Oliver. If he’s cut doesn’t that save us 2mill in cap space?
  5. Everyone I find has mistakes or theyre missing the updated signings.
  6. Really nice draft. I do think both of those edges especially Ossai go earlier, but if they are there you jump at those two. Really like both corners. Newsome will be a great pro. Herbert can be a 3 down back. I’d go OL earlier and I wouldn’t draft a te. Prob go the ufa route if we don’t try and get Pitts. Grimes is exactly what you said. Im not sure what their idea on wr is.
  7. I don’t. The draft starts there now and atl has all the time in the world to shop it. Don’t have to wait for draft day or to be on the clock. All teams wanting that next qb, or the top wr, or OL will try to jump 5 and 6 and 5 and 6 may try to move up to it.
  8. Wrong. The jets obviously turned down same offer and only reason to turn that down is to take the same qb they wanted. I’m certain the 49ers wanted to be able to decide on the guy after Lawrence and when they couldn’t do the deal with the jets they decided to go next best.
  9. we now have a glaring hole at CB too. hate to say it but its true. i think our DL with the new signings are actually better off than our DB's, but id hate to pay top 10 money for a rookie cb this yr
  10. 7 of the first 103... wow. 1 Jake Long OT 2 Curtis Lofton MLB 2 Joe Flacco QB 2 Pat Sims DT 3 Patrick Lee CB 3 Matt Forte RB 4 Jermichael Finley TE
  11. gholston is the pick or should be. anderson needs a big yr to stick and abraham is hurt a lot and has high cap dollars
  12. great player but not a guy you give 70 mill of your own dollars 2. I dont think he will ever get burned like that again. He'll pay Boley though.....
  13. Farve was an alcoholic. anyone woulda cut him minus al davis
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