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  1. Stafford plays on a run first team with the best talent inthe NCAA. Ryan's starting HB and WR did not even get drafted. Please chill with the manlove for Ryan. Stafford is a way better prospect hands down. It's not manlove, it's a fact.
  2. Stafford plays on a run first team with the best talent in the NCAA. Ryan's starting HB and WR did not even get drafted.
  3. I'm not nearly well-versed as I should be. A lot of times when l know what the Bible says about something, I actually have to find the scripture.I believe in one true church. I don't particularly like that there are so many denominations. There is one Bible. Many churches today, and I mean many, teach false doctrines or distorted versions. The bottom line will always be salvation through Christ, that's what's important. And I realize that the Bible can be interpreted in many ways, which leads us to different denominations. I used to believe in pre-tribulation rapture, as I was always taught this, but I no longer believe that. Although I grew up in church being taught that, I haven't actually seen a verse that tells us that it will be before the tribulation, but there are several that suggest it will be at the last trumpet of the tribulation. I would be happy to clear up any misunderstandings that you have about the Catholic Church.
  4. Thats because the catholic church is trying to get bigger numbers by having their members have more children. I hate to be blunt about it but its absolutely true. Not even going to argue with you, most times you make enough sense to do so, this is not one of those times. You want to believe that....knock yerself out Fine. Give me a logical reason why the church wouldnt allow birth control. Did you know that at one point, almost all Christian denominations considered birth control a sin? Almost all of them allow it now.
  5. Free will... God gave it to all of us.Yeah, about free will. I really can't understand what the point is. God is our Father, right? Well fathers don't give their children free will because children often make poor decisions. All men do as well. I just don't understand how free will is the best thing for us.
  6. Wrong. Poilan was a Matt Ryan supporter before he was drafted. It is common knowledge that Polian was and still is a big fan of Ryan's.
  7. Just another example why workouts are over-rated.
  8. I be there. Those guys, along with Abe and Redman, are my favorite players.
  9. After all the time I spent on this board I didn't think it was possible, but Raiders fans do take the cake.
  10. I have been spending a bit of time on the Raider forums, and they have without a doubt the dumbest fans in the NFL.
  11. I'm glad he has improved, because he really struggled in 2006.
  12. He has my support as long as he is a Falcon.
  13. He might not be be stong enough, and I've heard he was overhyped to begin with.
  14. I think it happened a year or two ago. Vikeing's DE Keneche Udeze(sp) started all 16 and didn't get a sack. I agree with you on a possible position switch. If he doesn't show improvment we should try him at DT.
  15. He has good size, a great arm, and best of all, he started 47 games in his Michigan career.
  16. I think Oakland might, but in the end it won't matter. They are really hurting their team with these huge deals.
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