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  1. I'm laughing at the Cowboys fan saying they are not over-hyped. Tony Romo is so over-hyped it's ridiculous, he has been mentioned as a future hall of famer in the past. People still think their offense is high powered despite having only mediocre receivers, an interception machine at QB, and the people who are in the waiting room at the walk-in clinic every week at HB. Dallas does have a pretty good front 7 I think, but they have not played up to their potential at all this year, and outside of Newman and Hamlin the secondary is very weak. (even including them it is only slightly above average) Not to mention your coaching is absolutely horrible.
  2. This is a lot of what I have been trying to argue all week. Really great post. Thanks, Tandy! Exactly.
  3. I am doing the same, having a bunch of friends over for the game. Should be fun...we BETTER win. :P Also, I don't remember if the game was flexed or not, you may be right. If so they are even more wrong.
  4. What I have noticed so far this week from listening to my friends, and the chicago radio stations is this; For the most part, they think they SHOULD have won the game last year. It's somewhat frustrating since I think we dominated the first half of that game (we were held to 3 field goals in the redzone). I have argued with my friends that if the game is similar to last years game at all it will not even be close. The Bears are now without Urlacher completely (an injured Urlacher is better than no Urlacher) what I put in parenthesis there has been argued agaisnt me a couple times already this week. I actually had people tell me that Tinoisamoa (sp?) and Hillenmayer are better than an injured Urlacher. Moving on, we have added Tony Gonzalez who is a great redzone target, and Matt Ryan has developed into a more complete quarterback since that game. Some fans think that Matt Ryan is going to choke in his "first primetime game" ... it's also been posted on the boards here. Bears fans from my experience this season have resorted to ignorance (for the most part). Cutler is their savior, their defense is still tops in the league, Tillman can hold Roddy White man-up...etc. They ragged on the Packer fans for losing to the Bengals and basked in the glory of their win against the "defending champs", ignoring the fact that the Steelers lost to the Bengals a week later and their key victory at the time was against an all-defeated team in the Titans (who still haven't won a game). Since then the Steelers beat an up and down Charger team that seems to be struggling to find it's identity as they always do early on in the regular season. All this to say most Bear fans think they are going to win, some think they are going to win big. In general, they are thinking the same way we are at this point, but I think they are over-estimating the abilities of the team they root for. And I believe we are more realistic with our goals. I, for one, think it's going to be a very good game. I think Cutler might be able to expose our secondary, I hope Houston and maybe Hill can stick with the speed of Knox/Hester because Cutler throws a great deep ball. I think Ryan on the other side of the ball will have a very good match-up as well, the Bears will almost certainly double White leaving Jenks and Gonzo single covered. This game will come down to whoever PASSES the ball with more efficiency. Also, if John Abe can get some pressure on Cutler we WILL get INTs. I've watched my fair share of Bears games and Cutler has struggled somewhat when teams are able to get pressure on him. I hope we stick with Abe, Babs, JA98, and Biermann as we did last week cuz I think that gives us the best chance to get pressure. I think the Falcons win in an offensive battle. 34-27.
  5. Take it from me, 85-90% of all Bear fans are ignorant.
  6. I am still waiting for us to go deep during a game, I dunno though maybe we are trying to and it just hasn't been there. Either way Ryan's longest completion this season was the 27 yarder to Jenkins in the Pats game, we need to get deeper.
  7. So earlier tonight me and a few friends from a forum I go to decided to have some fun and raid a rival forum...one of the guys who was suppose to be with us tipped us off and then posted IP's and real life names on his forum. The plan is to have another raid, a MASS raid, tomorrow night around midnight central time (1am in Atlanta) lulz. If you want in on this fun, y'all would just be in it for the fun of it..it is very fun if you have never done it before..but obviously this guy deserves it. Here is the link to the thread I was refering to; http://z3.invisionfree.com/internationalsl...owtopic=4318&hl If anyone wants in hit me up on AIM @ CDuB20090, or PM me...or IM my friend on AIM (guy who will be running the raid) at thewahls7. We are going to get a chat together to get things set and ready for the raid that will probably be set up way in advance, but you can get that information by IMing one of us, or PMing me. PLZ HELP US TAKE DOWN THIS INTERNET A-HOLE!
  8. I lol'd btw..the dude is not me...i can post a RL pic of me if you don't believe me. :laugh: No need, I don't doubt you. I believe videos like this should come with a precautionary warning claiming the actors are under 18.. kind of like porn having ones saying everyone is over 18 lol well at least it wasn't some underage porno
  9. I lol'd btw..the dude is not me...i can post a RL pic of me if you don't believe me.
  10. couple of friends made it for a competition.
  11. I think realistically...anywhere from 5-7. If we have a few players step up on D (Jammal Anderson, and Chris Houston will be in their second years). And a few on O, particularly Norwood, Turner, Robinson, Blalock, and Clabo it could be anywhere from 7-9. But obviously not all 7 are going to have break out years.
  12. I have been a member here for 2.5 years, was formerly known as MikeVick007 and had 1,700 posts and was allowed to post in Pure Football. So yea, it would be nice if y'all would let me in there.
  13. no, you have 666 posts...you're obviously the anti-christ.
  14. Manning was picked by the Colts at the number 2 spot..behind Leaf. I am convinced that this is just some weird attempt at a joke.
  15. It is already on the roster on this site. I actually like the #2 idea to be honest. yea I found it...started looking as soon as I asked.
  16. for the past 3 years hes the only reciever that can catch... where is all this hate coming from all of a sudden No one on our team could catch the two years prior to this one..Jenkins was bad too...
  17. :laugh::laugh::laugh: Post of the day! Number 2 to who? Or as in: "We're #2 so we'll try harder." as in #2 when you go to the bathroom. *shrugs* I don't get it either...
  18. What was the point of that last statement? Are you saying because QB's should sit a year, we should not draft them early? I think someone needs to take a nap.
  19. If we are going by talent it would have to be Josh Johnson...he has tons of talent, the only question is the level of competition he was up against.
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