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  1. And you're allowed to be an administrator?!?! Racist prick!
  2. The fact that the Giants had him contained for a little over three quarters and he was still able to mount that furious rally, makes Vick appear even more dangerous. We don't have near the team speed of the Giants, nor does our front four generate near the same amount of pressure as that of the Giants and Bears. Furthermore, we don't run remotely the same blitz packages. For all the kudos that the Bears get for keeping Michael under wraps, the Eagles still put up 26 points! If that's Mike on a bad day, I'd hate to see him on a good one. The best way to defense to Michael and the Eagles is the
  3. Eh... it matters only if you guys care about bragging rights when they ask "Who's the best in the NFC/NFL?" But yeah, completely inconsequential to the Falcons' objective or path to the playoffs.
  4. How many years would you guys think will be or should be put on an extension for Smitty and TD?
  5. Geesh, he really is a *****... I really have a hard time believing ESPN saw fit to post or even record those videos -- and not because he's not speaking favorably of the Falcons. But b/c they offer nothing but the emptiest rhetoric and most baseless opinions I have ever heard.
  6. 1) Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don't -- and they would say you're correct. 2) Missed tackles will happen. I don't think it's the spreading epidemic it's made out to be on this board, however. But, yeah, it's there. At least it's a problem that can be easily corrected. Just wrap it up lol. 4) Touche'. But Dunta is gonna have to adapt his game for now for the greater good of eleven. I fully understand what you're saying and your point made is very valid -- probably even correct. It's just that BVG's scheme can't be devised around or remade for one player. But I guess that goes to your point that
  7. 1) Not sure how you can disagree with the unit progressing from week to week. Since being shredded by Kolb and Palmer in b2b wks: -- 189 yrds passing to J. Freeman; 46 yrds rushing to Blount; -- BAL shut out in first half; 31 yrds passing in first half to J. Flacco; 215 yrds passing for the game; Boldin shut out in first three qtrs; 59 yrds rushing to R. Rice -- 1 INT of Bradford, who had an impressive streak w/o going; 54 rush yrds for Jackson -- GB held to three points in first half; 10 points 59 minutes of play -- J. Freeman 19/38 for 181 yrds and a pick -- CAR and SEA shut down for the mo
  8. I can appreciate any fan -- or person, for that matter -- that can look at Vick in strictly a sports-related context. And in that regard, you're absolutely correct. It would be a slap to the entire organization to have an opposing player so warmly embraced on our home turf. However, to assume that's merely the case is fallacy and offers a jaded point-of-view. There are many underlying racial components that surround Michael Vick. In a city that has a large Black American population, and hadn't had seen a black athlete as the face of the city since perhaps Dominique Wilkins, he had become a po
  9. Rivers, Vick and even Brady and Brees are all in offensive systems w/o a running back over 200 carries. For comparisons' sake, Turner for the Falcons sits right at 300. So a lot of those stats are a reflection of what the QB is asked to do. What I notice is that Ryan's 63 career TD passes ties him for fourth-place all-time with Joe Nammath among QBs in their first three years, and he's one win away from tying Dan Marino for most wins for a QB in his first three years. I see that Ryan this season has 25 TDs and nine interceptions. Judging off those numbers, I would suggest that Ryan does what
  10. I love the job being done by BVG as well. Our defense is very young and has gotten better with every week. For the most part, they play fundamentally sound and limit their mistakes. They play fast, fly to the football and with the sense of urgency that Dimitroff and Smith preach about. I've seen progression and it's a unit that locked and loaded with talent. You hear every week opposing QBs talk about how our defense doesn't try to fool you with schemes or packages. I think that's a credit to BVG for understanding the lack of experience we have at a few key positions and understanding our we
  11. Kudos to the Saint for acknowledging our success, but I still saw it as a backhanded compliment. But, whatever... we are what our record says we are; best in the NFC -- expected or not. As far as MNF is concerned, the Birds win. It's a home game and the Falcons' confidence has never been higher under the Smith regime. Three consecutive victories on the road, eight overall, and that includes wins against BAL and GB. The defense has been playing better and faster with every passing week, and our coaching staff has shown the ability to come up with effective gameplans for every opponent -- save P
  12. Just for comparison's sake; five of eleven draft picks from 2007 (Rich) are still with the team, and six of eleven still remain from 2008 (TD). It's just 2004-06 that was so miserable. Only four picks out of 20 still remain. Eight are no longer in the NFL. But really, his ship went down with Petrino. Blank wanted a fresh start everywhere in the FO to remove that stench left from the '07 season.
  13. +1, Sir! It's as if you wrote my thoughts down for me. Up 34-10, and their starting QB benched, the life was all but sucked out of the stadium and the Seagulls. Although many were on here complaining about the playcalling b/c they wanted a blowout, our objective was clearly to keep the clock running and end the game asap so we could head home with another victory in hand and prepare for a big one the Saints. No one on the staff cares about style points. Every game is being managed by the situation presented. The defense was playing very well and no reason to let them take us home in the fourth
  14. I thought "pass the magic" was great! Kinda like STL's "bob-and-weave" group celebration. Still breaks my heart thinking about how Jamal Anderson's career ended. He and Terrell Davis were both at the top of their game and the top two backs in the league. When he went down, and Martin (drug trafficking) and Biscuit weren't brought back, it was the abrupt end to a brief but sweet era.
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