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  1. No red helmets!! Reminds me of uga, & I hate UGA
  2. Ryan is done. Get him tf out of town. I don’t care of Parcells, John Madden or Belichick becomes the next coach. Matt Ryan does not need to be the starter of the Falcons anymore after today!
  3. That idiot Thomas Mott on 92.9 says dumb stuff like this every week “the Falcons are the best 4-8 team in the league!” he said the same when the team had 2 & 3 wins as well
  4. Cam>Matt Only bad part is Julio wouldn’t have as many amazing catches because Cam wouldn’t under-throw the ball, causing Julio to make a spectacular play
  5. He’s been average besides that one fluke MVP season. some of y’all really believed he was one of the top QBs in the league smh noodle arm has never been top 5. top 10 maybe
  6. I probably joined this site before you did. I just never post
  7. Ryan, demitroff, the OC, everyone except Grady, Ridley, Debo & Rico. I actually feel sorry for Julio. A player of his caliber needs a ring. I wouldn’t even blame him or be upset if he asks for a trade or something
  8. Lmao and you clowns were saying I was wrong this offseason when I was calling for this. Eat crow!!
  9. He should have fired Quinn that night in Houston!
  10. You expect any fan that is a fan of Dan Quinn to be knowledgeable about football?
  11. because im not drinking the kool-aid and saying he isnt elite mean I dont support him? Takk isnt elite and I support him Ridley isnt elite and I support him the only elite player we have is Julio and I still support everything else. You dont have to be a crazy homer to support your favorite team my guy.
  12. no ****!! thats what "elite" means..one of the greatest of all time. Matt Ryan is neither yet you dumb homers pretend he is. Its never a good sign if the fanbase are the only ones clamoring to prove a player is elite.
  13. imagine wasting energy for years trying to convince someone matt ryan is elite. meanwhile real elite Qbs like Aaron Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Peyton, Mahommes dont need convincing. its a given. matt ryan is a great QB but he isnt elite. nothing wrong with that..he's the best QB we can have at the moment and we have to support him.
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