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  1. I know there are injuries on this defense, but they were playing well when healthy. They do need a change at head coach. And although turd keotter can put up points, he's a retread that we didn't need. In his last tenure here, they would run up a 21 point lead seemingly every game, then squander it by trying to run the clock out. He never kept the foot on the gas. The reason they're scoring now is because there is urgency in his play calling. If the defense were better, hed try to bleed the clock in the second half, putting the pressure on the defense. Matt Ryan isn't a problem, retread offenses and copycat defenses from 10 years ago are.
  2. Injured in a shooting one day after being drafted by the giants. Ill find the link. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://nypost.com/2019/04/28/giants-draft-pick-corey-ballentine-shot-friend-killed-in-shooting/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwjdzMnjvPPhAhVBsp4KHT7SAUcQiJQBMAF6BAgJEAc&usg=AOvVaw2DoR2T3BykFbke7-b8hnkx&ampcf=1
  3. I remember a few years back when the cowboys grabbed travis fredrick and continued to draft offensive linemen. Their fanbase was screaming that they neglected needs in other areas as well. In the end, they were known as the best line in football and had several drafts to address all other positions, namely, they tried to do the ssme in the trenches on the other side of the ball. But even now, offensive line still isnt a huge concern for them. If that is how this works out, all the the fans pumpin hateraide are gonna have to find a new reason to cry.
  4. the defense was bad last year because 80% of our best defensive players were hurt. just getting keanu and deion back will improve the defense immensely. not to mention rico, and the growth of senat and the the fact that we got claiborne back. this draft left us with a lot to be hopeful for. speed, depth, and versatility. those are 3 keys to success.
  5. but they werent legal issues. some of these guys go to college out of necessity to make it to the next level. they only care about football. the education is almost burdensome to them. his issues are similar to the honey badger when he was coming out.
  6. i like this kid. he lays a few good shots on people in this video. obviously im watching byu stuff right now. but ive watched so much tonight. i think hes a projected 5th to 6th rounder.
  7. honestly, im not a no. it'll be tough, but like you said, bucket list. and it'd be great to pack a section with birds!!
  8. you want a project? small price to pay for someone that can be a freak! projected 7th rounder.
  9. what are we gonna do? we're gluttens for punishment, all for the hopes of 1 shining moment. (that julian edelman scooped off the flippin ground and peed on)
  10. lmao!! the browns cant even hold our jocks!! i said earlier in this thread, the team has someone that watches stuff like this for sure. you my friend, may have just been hired or fired depending on how they take it!
  11. i cant claim to know anything about lonnie johnson or giles-harris, but on board with the rest. the edge just isnt in this draft. its not for lack of looking. to me, youre just as good trying on a sleeper late as you are the edge rushers in this draft. i like it.
  12. i used to think that if i missed a georgia play, it was my fault mike bobo threw a pick. or joe terazinski took a sack. then i realized it had nothing to do with me. it was because despite kicking out lineman like a turnstile, they would miss assignments. it wasnt me, or mike, or joe.... well, maybe it was joes fault. but the point is, a qb can only be as successful as the parts around him allow. and matt ryan makes the absolute most he can out of the line hes got.
  13. b, although i dont really want a db in the second round. But damien harris would be a fun one to watch in a falcons uni.
  14. Please take your 7 year old to Flowery Branch and tell him it's bath time if they contemplate signing Kalil. its a goal to get there someday.